Catalent Issues Initial Public Offering


Catalent Inc. is pleased to announce the next step in our growth journey as the Global Leader and the #1 Pharmaceutical Industry Partner in Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies and Drug Development Solutions.

As of today, Catalent Inc. has completed an Initial Public Offering and is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.  Our new trading ticker on the Big Board is CTLT!

Learn more by visiting our Investor Relations web site here.

The proceeds of the offering will be principally used to redeem more than $800 million (estimated at midpoint) of Catalent’s currently outstanding debt.  This will allow the company to significantly reduce its interest expense, enable future potential internal and external growth strategies, and to continue our growth-biased investments into new technologies, capabilities, global development and manufacturing facilities and capacity.

"At Catalent we work with more than a 1,000 pharmaceutical, biotech and consumer health companies to help them develop better products. We are the global leader in advanced drug delivery technologies and drug development solutions.  We have more than 8,000 great people, including 1,000+ scientists and technicians, in nearly thirty manufacturing locations globally, who every day reliably supply more than 7,000 products for patients and consumers worldwide." commented John Chiminski, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catalent.

Recent examples of our investments include new facilities for Softgel and Clinical Supply businesses in key emerging markets of China and Brazil, our brand new $20MM Biologics Center of Excellence for cell line development and biomanufacturing in Madison, WI and a $35MM ongoing expansion in our Oral Advanced Technologies manufacturing site in Winchester, KY.

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Core Services for Pharmaceutical, Biologic and Consumer Health Customers

Whatever your challenge, we can help. From orphan drugs to blockbusters, our development expertise, delivery technologies and reliable supply deliver better outcomes for payers, patients, and innovators.

Innovative Delivery Options

Optimization of the finished dose formWe have solutions for more molecules with our versatile, proven RP Scherer softgel and controlled release technologies.

Enhanced Bioavailability

Improve the solubility and permeability of your clinical candidates. Optimization of the finished dose form in order to deliver better treatments. Benefit from our unique integrated services from development to commercial supply.

Solutions for Target Populations

Deliver therapies designed to elicit better adherence and patient outcomes.  Our technologies are ideal for geriatric and pediatric populations, specific conditions and disease states.

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We have the technology and expertise to take your product from design, to clinical trial, to plant, to pharmacy. Our global network of facilities can provide scalable, cost-effective, customized manufacturing options for your complex treatments.

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