Corporate Social Responsibility

Catalent is committed to corporate social responsibility and compliance with all applicable laws, including in particular those related to the environment, occupational health & safety, ethical business practices and labor and employment.

We take our obligations of compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations seriously and believe in fostering a culture of compliance and promoting uncompromising integrity. Toward that end, we have developed our Standards of Business Conduct, which outline principles of responsible conduct and integrity for all employees, officers and directors. Our Standards of Business Conduct have been published on Catalent’s external internet site, our internal employee intranet site and hard copies have been made available to our employees, including, where appropriate, in applicable translated versions.

Catalent also has a Supplier Code of Conduct which sets forth for our business partners Catalent’s views on a number of corporate responsibility items, including high ethical standards and prohibitions on child labor.

Our management team sets performance standards and regularly reviews our performance status. Furthermore, we have established a Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee, which at this time is primarily focusing on our environmental commitment and civic/community involvement.

Environmental protection remains one of Catalent’s primary operating principles. We are committed to reducing the impact that our manufacturing operations have on the environment, particularly in respect to our global use of energy and emissions of carbon dioxide, the generation and disposal of waste and the responsible use of water resources and associated disposal of wastewater. To this end Catalent has implemented a number of management programs to reduce our environmental footprint and has identified the following reduction targets (on a rolling five-year basis): 

  • Identifying sustainable energy sources and reducing our energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions by 15%.
  • Securing responsible sources of water supply and reduce water usage and associated wastewater discharges by 15%.
  • Reduce waste generation, both hazardous and non-hazardous, by 15%.
  • Reducing our dependency on landfill as a disposal option, increasing the number of landfill-free sites by 50% by the end of 2020.

Catalent is therefore committed to protecting the environment and driving sustainability throughout all aspects of our operational and supply chain functions. Not only is this focus in-house, but is being developed in partnership across our customer and supply base through continuously evaluating and evolving sustainable initiatives.

We also encourage our employees and our sites to find local opportunities to get engaged and “give back” to the communities in which we operate. Volunteering in soup kitchens, food pantries or to help repair/build homes and participating in charitable walks/runs and other community based events are just some examples of our “Catalent Cares” initiative.”

NOTICE: Catalent’s Modern Slavery Statement