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Solve your most complex bioavailability challenges to help deliver better treatments

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The Power of Parallel Screening 

Poor bioavailability is the number one challenge in drug development today and leads to high attrition!Solve bioavailability challenges by combining scientific expertise and advanced technologies to assess and enhance your molecule and deliver expert report and materials for animal pk testing, all within 12 weeks.

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Solve Bioavailability Challenges

Molecules with poor solubility or poor permeability can lead to costly and lengthy development programs or even cause project cancellations.  Explore advanced technologies to overcome these challenges and bring your molecule to market faster. 

Catalent can help overcome complex bioavailability challenges and accelerate drug development process through superior formulation technologies and rigorous data-driven scientific approach, which has evolved by our global research and development teams with successful track record of optimizing thousands of molecules using the widest variety of advanced and proven formulation technologies in the industry.

Catalent’s significant intellectual property, technology know-how and formulation expertise in oral, injectable and respiratory dosage forms can help your project succeed starting at candidate selection stage and all the way into clinical trials.  

We share your passion to unlock the potential of your molecules and will use our expertise and advanced technologies to rescue even the most complex molecules and accelerate your development programs into clinic as better treatments.   

Bioavailability Solutions & Technologies:
  • Solid state optimization
    • Compound characterization techniques to elucidate the best path forward for your candidate and to assess chemical and physical stability risks. Learn more
  • Formulation screening and pre-formulation testing
    • Formulation screening for preclinical animal efficacy testing can maximizes solubility for meaningful results at a low cost. Pre-formulation testing is a scientific backbone on which clinical formulations should be based. Learn more
  • Parallel screening technology
    • A “molecule-centric” approach to match the best formulation technology to your molecule and utilizes accelerated parallel screening. It can rapidly solve complex bioavailability and formulation challenges for early stage compounds. Learn more
  • Particle size engineering
    • A high yield, high throughput and heat free process with track record of bringing orphan drugs faster to market. It enhances oral bioavailability of potent and thermosensitive compounds such as oncology drugs. Learn more
  • Lipid-based delivery
    • Lipid-based formulations is the most proven solution for enhancing bioavailability of more molecules than any other solution.  It can accommodate an ever wider range of molecules and excipients to improve therapeutic profile, as well as provide non-invasive and targeted delivery of macromolecules to improve patient adherence and drug stability. Learn more
  • Spray-drying
    • A fast and proven route to enhancing bioavailability, it can provide consistent particle size distribution, long-term stability and higher drug loading. It is a robust and scalable process and can enable taste masking and controlled release dosage forms. Learn more 
  • Hot melt extrusion
    • A versatile technology that can provide the desired dosage form. It has increased bioavailability and brand performance for multiple compounds including analgesics and anti-inflammatory compounds, is proven in commercial manufacturing and can accommodate controlled release and other special formulation needs. Learn more
Catalent Advantages

Catalent can play a key role in increasing both the speed of development and the transition of development to commercial launch and beyond. 

  • Scientific and Technology Advisory
    • Working with Catalent will give you access to a dedicated team of experts to help you navigate through each step of the drug development journey. This will enable you to decide what is best for the molecule and move from bench to the clinic quickly.
  • Track record of overcoming bioavailability challenges
    • Catalent 20+ global research and development teams have optimized thousands of molecules and can help accelerate drug development process.
  • Advanced Technologies
    • Catalent’s significant intellectual property in oral, injectable, and respiratory dosage forms and advanced drug packaging includes over 1,200 patents and patent applications. We offer the broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of formulation enabling and drug delivery technologies.
  • Integrated Global Network
    • In addition to our proven record of enhancing bioavailability, solubility and permeability, we are globally positioned to serve all your manufacturing (link to webpage) and commercial packaging needs; providing integrated solutions to take your product from design, to clinical trial, to the market.
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