Bioavailability Solutions

Solve your most complex bioavailability challenges to help deliver better treatments

We have a team of over 1,000 development and formulation scientists that have the talent and expertise to solve some of the most complex bioavailability challenges. With over 80 years of experience and a wide range of innovative drug delivery solutions we can help you deliver more effective treatments that can improve the performance of your products.

Whether you have one challenge or many, we can tailor solutions to bring your molecules to market faster and improve the total value of your treatments – from discovery, to market, and beyond.

  • Deliver more APIs
    • Bring your challenging APIs to market with our innovative, non-gelatin OptiShell™ capsules, which can handle a wider of fills and higher melting points
  • Optimize API performance
  • Improve solubility and permeability
    • Choose softgels, OptiShell™ capsules, or one of our other proven dosage forms to improve the bioavailability of your poorly water-soluble compounds
    • Increase the permeability of your BCS III/IV compounds with OptiGel™ Bio technology with permeation enhancers and enteric film coating technology
  • Find the ideal drug delivery route
    • Find the best administrative route through our extensive experience in advanced oral and inhalation delivery systems
  • Enhance drug delivery solutions
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Integrated Global Network

In addition to our proven record of enhancing bioavailability, solubility and permeability, we are globally positioned to serve all your manufacturing and commercial packaging needs; providing integrated solutions to take your product from design, to clinical trial, to plant, and to pharmacy.


Our experts have been featured in numerous trade publications and have published a variety of presentations and papers that discuss topics relating to bioavailability:

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