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Corporate Responsibility


Our people are the catalyst for our success. We provide a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment, and we encourage our employees to develop their talent and help us fulfill our purpose. As our statement of corporate values emphasize, we are committed to the engagement, growth, and development of our people as a means of best serving our customers and contributing to the corporate mission.


The safety and well-being of our people is a top priority. This is reflected in a deeply embedded safety culture and a continuously reinforced goal to have an injury-free work environment. A healthy workforce is more motivated and productive—ultimately helping us deliver on our patient first commitment.

As set forth in our Standards of Business Conduct and Global Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy, we strive for an injury-free workplace and are committed to complying with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations wherever we operate.  Our EHS management system provides a framework that ensures that Catalent employees have a safe working environment. Our approach helps us maintain compliance, promote employee wellbeing and minimize injury rates across the company.


Health and safety are managed at our sites by dedicated EHS leaders, reporting to the site General Managers, and overseen by our global EHS function. Sites are required to participate in a comprehensive risk assessment program in which teams perform hazard assessments, identify issues and implement control measures. There is a growing focus on employee well-being and mental health in the workplace.


In fiscal 2019, we achieved global OHSAS 18001 accreditation for 24 Catalent manufacturing facilities. We aim to achieve accreditation for all manufacturing sites, and, in the future, additional sites, including our newly acquired sites, will join the process. Within two years, we will transition to the new ISO45001:2018 standard.


We employ a robust range of controls to protect our employees from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We ensure that the potential hazards inherent in our processes and machinery are controlled or mitigated though the application of personal protective equipment or other physical control measures, as well as by administrative systems (safe systems of work) and appropriate education and training.


The name Catalent combines “catalyst” and “talent.” Attracting, developing and retaining the best employees is critical to our business success and sustainability, so we invest in recruitment and early career programs to build and maintain a robust workforce and talent pipeline.

Across our industry, the demand for scientists and researchers is high. On average, 35% of our open positions require technical skills. To ensure a rich talent pipeline for these critical positions, we:

  • Identify and engage with potential top talent early through our college internship program
  • Develop future leaders through our highly selective rotational program for recent college graduates, Global Organization Leadership Development
  • Offer competitive compensation and flexible benefits
  • Continually improve our recruitment process and platform.


We recognize the importance and benefit of a fulfilled, inspired and motivated workforce. The more than 13,000 people that we employ globally make a difference to millions of patients around the world every day.

At least every two years, we conduct a company-wide employee engagement survey. Through this survey we collect direct and candid feedback to help leaders understand what drives engagement at Catalent, where there is room for improvement and to inform our overall culture and engagement strategy. In fiscal 2019, 81% of employees participated.

We also distribute annual Pulse Surveys to select employee groups.

We interact with employees through in-person and virtual platforms such as quarterly town halls and daily intranet updates. Additionally, each site has an engagement action plan which is reviewed with executive leaders.

The local engagement teams focus their energy and efforts where we can improve and do more. The community engagement ambassador network is built into the site engagement teams, to ensure that our community and other corporate responsibility initiatives link into and support overall engagement goals.

Looking ahead, we will continue to explore new techniques for engagement, such as global e-learning resources and a broadened employee recognition program.


We recruit talented people and help them gain the knowledge and expertise they need to help us fulfill our purpose to help people live better, healthier lives – as well as realize their own potential. We offer our employees opportunities to broaden their experience on the job, learn from others in the business, and complete specialized training to build their skills.

Our talent development approach provides tools and resources that:

  • Support the development of all employees
  • Build people-management and leadership capabilities
  • Improve team performance
  • Accelerate the careers of high-potential individuals.

Our 70-20-10 development strategy enables our people to meet their unique development needs by taking a blended approach to learning and development: Experience, Exposure, and Education.

We also invest in our employees’ career development by considering existing employees first when hiring for an open position.

Open dialogue on performance enables personal and professional growth. Catalent conducts annual goal-setting and talent review, and offers continuous feedback and coaching to promote individual development and career planning. In fiscal 2019, we made 360-degree surveys available to manager-level employees and above, which allows managers to collect anonymous, direct and candid feedback about their strengths and opportunity areas. This process is designed to improve our leaders’ self-awareness and inform their development plans.

The corporate leadership team reviews all key roles across the organization to ensure there is a pipeline of qualified, diverse and capable candidates to assume increased responsibilities and meet company growth and immediate business demands.


A culture of inclusion is our catalyst for success, and attracts a talented, motivated and diverse workforce that will drive our growth, innovation and long-term value creation capabilities. We work continually to create and maintain a respectful and welcoming workplace, where individuals of all backgrounds, outlooks and levels of experience can succeed because we recognize the value that a positive, caring and diverse workplace brings to our business.

In fiscal 2019, we formalized a companywide diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy, and took action through the following initiatives:

  • Signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge; thereby joining a coalition of CEOs committing the companies they lead to taking specific actions to advance D&I in the workplace.
  • Formalizing efforts to increase the recruitment of diverse candidates
  • Launching inclusive leadership training for our people managers
  • Creating three new employee resource groups in fiscal 2019. Currently, there are eight groups in total.