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Corporate Responsibility


Our people are the catalyst for our success. We provide a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment, and we empower our employees to develop their talent and help us fulfill our Purpose.

As our statement of corporate values emphasize, we are committed to the engagement, growth, and development of our people as a means of best serving our customers and contributing to the corporate mission.


In order to best serve our patients and our customers, we are committed to the growth, development, and engagement of our people.

As set forth in our Standards of Business Conduct, we strive for an injury-free workplace and are committed to complying with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations wherever we operate. We are proud of our significant, above-industry achievement in Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) in recent years, and we seek to build and extend that success by transitioning our internal EHS management system to the international occupational safety management standard OHSAS18001.

We employ a robust range of controls to protect our employees from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, including un-prescribed active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We ensure that the potential hazards inherent in our processes and machinery are controlled or mitigated though the application of personal protective equipment or other physical control measures, as well as by administrative systems (safe systems of work) and appropriate education and training.


We employ more than 11,000 people globally. Together, they make a difference to millions of patients around the world every day.

We engage our people in our business, our purpose and our values through our regular “Town Hall” meetings, our intranet, skip-level discussions and other internal communications. We hold a periodic, company-wide employee survey to get feedback on how we can improve. More than 80% of employees took part in the latest survey in 2016. We are pleased with the continuing trend of significant increase in employee engagement considering the amount of change the business has gone through over the last five years.

We are committed to enhancing our employee engagement in areas where our most recent survey has shown room for improvement.

In addition to post-survey town halls and feedback sessions, local Catalent-site engagement teams are focusing their energy and efforts where we can improve and do more. The Community Engagement Ambassador network is built into the local site engagement teams, to ensure that our community and other corporate responsibility initiatives link into and support overall employee engagement goals.


We recruit talented people and help them gain the knowledge and expertise they need to help us fulfill our Purpose to help people live better, healthier lives – as well as realize their own potential. We offer our employees opportunities to broaden their experience on the job, learn from others in the business, and complete specialized training to build their skills. For example, our Global Operations Leadership Development (GOLD) program is designed to accelerate the Catalent careers of recent college graduates.

Catalent’s 70-20-10 development strategy enables our people to meet their unique development needs by taking a blended approach to learning and development: Experience, Exposure, and Education.

Catalent conducts annual goal-setting and talent review, offers continuous feedback and coaching through an annual performance review process and promotes personal development and career planning. Additionally, the corporate leadership team reviews all key roles across the organization to ensure there is a pipeline of qualified, diverse and capable candidates to assume increased responsibilities because of company growth and immediate business demands.