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Our Diversity & Inclusion Pillars
Foster a culturally sensitive workplace where every employee feels welcomed, valued and respected
Exercise our responsibility for the communities through employee engagement and collaboration
Adopt strategies that bolster employees’ talent, recruitment, development, advancement and retention
Positively impact business results through initiatives connected to the diversity of customers, suppliers and the patients we serve


Our goal is to create a sense of belonging for every employee at Catalent. Innovation happens when diverse minds unite to work together for a common goal. We are providing support through a series of programs and session that will reach every employee, to bring awareness and understanding of the key elements that will help us lead more inclusively.


A diverse workforce is essential to making sound decisions, expanding globally, and understanding the needs of our customers and patients. Whether it is ethnicity, gender, race, background, opinions or ideas, every voice brings unique value to Catalent. For this reason, we are committed to the recruitment, development, and advancement of every employee. We are proud of the collaborations with diverse professional organizations to provide opportunities for development and advancement and to ensure a broad outreach to an extensive pool of candidates and provide access to Catalent careers. Click here to access our Career Site.


We feel a strong responsibility to the communities where we live and work, and support the recognition and advancement of underserved communities through partnerships with external organizations, Through the existing Corporate Responsibility programs, and in partnership with our Employee Resource Groups we are able to ensure outreach to vulnerable populations.


We must encourage individuals to be more courageous by supporting their uniqueness and diverse perspectives, in order to build more creative and innovative solutions so we can create a sustainable business that understands and serves the needs of our customers and patients.