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Andrew Parker, Ph.D.


​Andrew Parker, Ph.D. is the Open Innovation Director for Small Molecules, based at Catalent’s Nottingham facility. He holds a bachelor’s (Hons), a master’s and a doctoral degree from the University of Bristol. Dr. Parker specializes in the application of physicochemical, surface and bulk material characterization and analytical techniques, applied to resolving drug product structure and drug product function relationships during pharmaceutical development. Dr. Parker is actively engaged in supporting Catalent in the evaluation and landscaping of new technology areas, identifying specific technology opportunities with external companies and helping develop the Catalent innovation model.

Discover what drives Dr. Parker’s passion for innovation. Access his published works below.

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What sparked your interest in a career in the pharmaceutical industry?  

My career was not always going to be in the Pharmaceutical Industry – initially I was training to be a Patent Attorney in London after my doctorate in Chemistry.  I quickly realized that whilst the quest for finding novel drugs that can provide new treatments for unmet medical needs and improve people’s lives is what inspires me, drafting and prosecuting patent claims in this area was not getting me close to that interface. Hence, nearly 20 years ago, I joined the pharmaceutical industry in a technical and client facing role where I could make a difference on a daily basis in helping advance drug product candidates through preclinical and clinical phases.

What do you do in your current role at Catalent?

I am actively engaged in supporting Catalent’s business units in the ideation, scouting, evaluation and implementation of new technologies to help keep Catalent at the forefront of innovation in the CDMO world. As part of the Open Innovation Team, our goal is to seek out new development and manufacturing technologies that are the next revolutionary step in providing patients with improved medicines that leverage novel delivery modalities and create better treatments for unmet medical needs.

What excites you the most about innovation at Catalent?

Innovation at Catalent is at the heart of the strategic growth plan. It is really exciting for me to see this not only embedded in the cornerstones of our future success, but also manifested by the significant investments being made and the ongoing recruitment initiatives being undertaken to increase the size of our highly talented workforce at Catalent in order to make the vision a reality.

What ways do you feel you (or your team) help drive Catalent’s Patient First mission?

This patient first mindset guides us when evaluating these new technologies and modalities – helping prioritize, justify and select appropriate technologies that otherwise may have had alternative drivers supporting technology adoption. We reinforce this mission statement in our day-to-day activities by striving to identify new technology that, upon successful evaluation, enters Catalent with a patient-centric ethos at the heart of the technology integration and scale-out into our manufacturing network.