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2021 CRS Virtual Annual Meeting

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Date: July 25-29, 2021
Location: Virtual Conference




Lisa Caralli

Director Science & Technology, Catalent



Session Title: Strategies to Optimize the Dose Design Process to Create Better Treatments
Session Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Session Time: 9:00AM ET
Abstract: Traditional dosage form design and development is largely driven by cost and timelines. However, there are several additional considerations that are often overlooked, impacting the long-term success of a drug product. Enlisting the help of expert partners to advise on these considerations could increase the likelihood of drug product success. In this presentation, case studies will be shared to demonstrate how the right guidance, at the right time, can help drug developers create better treatments. The expert will also introduce Catalent’s new OptiDose™ Design Solution, a new scientific tool that combines pharmaceutics, dose form design and characteristics from the target patient group to support decision-making during dose design.

Key Learning Objectives:

    • Understanding key issues of molecules and how the molecule data builds with each phase of development.
    • Understand the role that Catalent’s scientific advisors have during the assessment phase, and the impact that has on the drug development program overall
    • Learn how Catalent’s Scientific Advisors operationalize the assessment process within the overall drug development program, with example scenarios