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2023 Global Drug Bioavailability Enhancement Summit



Ellie Au, Ph.D.
Group Lead, Product Development, Catalent



Session Title:
Development Considerations for Lipid-Based Formulation (LBF) from Preclinical Toxicology to Clinical Studies
Session Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Session Time: 11:35am – 12:15pm EDT
Abstract/Key Learning Objectives:

    • What determines an API as a good candidate for LBF?
    • How to leverage the advantages of LBF in early development to expedite candidate selection of poorly soluble drugs?
    • Why one shouldn’t rule out LBF in preclinical studies?
    • Key consideration in dosing lipid formulations to preclinical models and strategy to enable high-dose preclinical toxicology study.
    • How to successfully transition a preclinical LBF to a viable clinical dosage form?