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13th Annual Conference European Paediatric Formulation Initiative (EuPFI)



Andrew Parker

Director Open Innovation, Small Molecules, Catalent



Session Title: Catalent Solutions for Pediatric Drug Development & Delivery
Abstract:  Andrew Parker, Director of Open Innovation for Small Molecules, will be discussing Catalent’s extensive experience in pediatric drug development and delivery solutions.

Key Learning Objectives

    • Gain insight into key challenges and Catalent’s pathway for pediatric technology evaluation
    • Learn about Catalent’s wide range of pediatric dose design options
    • Why to partner with Catalent for pediatric drug development




Anja Hoffmann
, PD Principal Formulation Scientist, Catalent
Dejan Lamesic, PD Scientific Team Leader, Catalent
Dominik Stroehlein, Analytical Development Scientist, Catalent
Uwe Hanenberg, Director Product Development, Catalent

Poster Title: Process development of multiparticulate dosage form for the administration of bitter API to children
Abstract: Multiparticulates are currently considered as one convenient dosage form for drug administration and dosing for children. The size of multiparticulates is usually smaller compared to mini tablets and they can be coated with a taste neutral polymer film to mask the taste of bitter active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Several manufacturing techniques can be utilized to prepare the multiparticulates, with active layering as one of the commonly reported. The aim of the present work was to investigate the process of developing a free flowing, immediate release but taste masked API-containing pellet using the suspension layering technique in a fluidized bed coater with Wurster configuration.