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Date: July 14, 2020
Location: Virtual Conference


Title: Reducing Risks In Early Drug Development: From Drug Candidate to Phase 1 Clinical Testing
Time: 12:00 PM BST
Presenter: Ian A. Barker, Ph.D. CChem MRSC, Director, Pharmaceutical Development, Oral Drug Delivery, Catalent

Achieving success in early development is essential in progressing a drug molecule’s next milestone. Such pressure can often lead to the adoption of short-term thinking and overlook the downstream realities of drug development. Although solubility challenges are significant hurdles to overcome, there are additional biopharmaceutical challenges to consider during the path to clinic. Addressing issues early and comprehensively in the development life-cycle can result in fewer problems down the line such as escalating timelines, reformulating issue due to ADMEs issues, costs and regulatory issues. Therefore, It is important to leverage the skills and experiences of pharmaceutical scientists at the earliest stages of development to optimize and enable drug candidates to reach their true potential.

Key Learning

  • Discover key testing strategies that can help you determine the potential of your molecule.
  • Review the type of data collection needed to support molecule developability assessment and PBPK/DMPK evaluations.
  • Identify the red flags in development that indicate the need for additional studies.
  • Review of pre-formulation techniques and how these can accelerate early phase development to animal PK and first-in-human studies.

About the Speaker
Dr. Barker leads the enabling technologies/drug delivery team at Catalent Nottingham, U.K. The team is dedicated to developing formulations that enhance bioavailability in poorly soluble compounds. Dr. Barker holds a Ph.D. in materials and synthetic organic polymer chemistry from the University of Nottingham.

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