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PEGS Boston 2021

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Date: May 11-13, 2021
Location: Virtual Conference
Booth: Catalent




Stepan Chuprakov

Chemistry Group Leader, Catalent



Session Date/Time: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 2:30PM EDT
Session Track: Oncology – Driving Clinical Success in Antibody-Drug Conjugates
Session Title: Catalent’s SMARTag® Technology: Differentiated Solutions for Optimal ADCs
Abstract: SMARTag is a clinical-stage ADC technology featuring site-specific conjugation with multiple linker and warhead options. TRPH-222, a CD22-targeted SMARTag conjugate in the dose-escalation stage of a Phase 1 trial for R/R B-cell lymphoma, has achieved 6 CRs and 2 PRs among 22 patients to date.  In addition to site-specific conjugation, we have developed new linkers to achieve proprietary high DAR ADCs featuring topoisomerase I inhibitor payloads.  We have demonstrated conjugate stability—even with cleavable linkers—to deliver efficacy with improved tolerability and a wider therapeutic window.




Dr. Jef Pinxteren
Director of Process and Analytical Development, Catalent Cell and Gene Therapy



Session Date/Time: Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 2:40PM EDT
Session Track: Immunotherapy – CAR T, TCRs and TILS
Session Title: Moving to Commercial Readiness with a Dedicated Analytical Platform for T-cell Therapies
Abstract: Dr. Jef Pinxteren, Director of Process and Analytical Development at Catalent Cell and Gene Therapy, will discuss a breadth of analytical methodologies facilitating manufacturing design and accelerating CAR-T therapies to commercial readiness phase.

Attendees will be able to gain insight into:

    • Benefits of working with a full-service provider of analytical methods
    • Strategy and process flow from analytical assay development to GMP implementation for clinical and commercial manufacturing
    • Approaches to control clinical and commercial manufacturing process steps to obtain highest quality cell therapy products
    • Emerging strategies for cell therapy product identification, characterization and potency testing using state-of-the-art technologies
    • Definition of framework for analytical method validation ensuring fast batch release