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Targeted Protein Degradation Summit Europe


Steven Winling

Scientific Advisor, Science & Technology, Catalent


Session Title: Assessing Bifunctional Protein Degraders for Oral Delivery
Session Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Session Time: 2:00PM GMT
Abstract: Key challenges in developing bifunctional protein degraders result from their unconventional structures and distinctive physicochemical properties, often requiring enabling formulation technologies to achieve oral bioavailability. This presentation will discuss Catalent’s tailored developability assessment for bifunctional protein degraders, which can help predict viable formulation and drug delivery strategies for lead drug candidates to reach their true potential.

Key Learning Objectives

    • Understand why bifunctional protein degraders cannot be evaluated through a conventional small molecule lens
    • Explore the key physicochemical properties that determine whether a bifunctional protein degrader is likely to be orally bioavailable
    • Discuss rate limiting steps to oral absorption and how enabling technologies may enhance absorption of this class of molecule