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Catalent: Customizable Innovative Solutions

Summary: Catalent is staying on top of innovation maintaining deep and strategic relationships with our customers and our partners. It is critical for Catalent to understand the problems that our customers are facing so that we then can take our talent, expertise, and technologies to craft the solution that’s going to allow our partner or our customer to bring their product to market quicker. That’s going to result in more products for our customers, that’s going to result in better treatments, and ultimately will allow us to reliably supply the product. We stay on the forefront of innovation by having relationships with a number of different universities and research institutions around the globe. Whether we’re talking to them about research that we think we need to do in order to continue to innovate with our cell engineering, or bioavailability enhancements, we continue to invest in innovation.

From drug and biologic development services to delivery technologies to supply solutions, we are the catalyst for your success. With over 75 years of experience, we have the deepest expertise, the broadest offerings, and the most innovative technologies to help you get more molecules to market faster, enhance product performance and provide superior, reliable manufacturing and packaging results.