Modern Slavery Statement

Catalent’s Prohibition Against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Pursuant to applicable regulations, including the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 and Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015, Catalent provides the following statement:

Catalent is a global provider of advanced delivery technologies and development solutions for drugs, biologics and consumer health products. Catalent employs thousands of people at dozens of facilities globally.

Catalent believes in the protection of human rights globally both in the workplace at our own facilities and within our supply chain. We forbid slavery or human trafficking of any kind and are committed to promoting responsible business practices with our suppliers. We have several corporate policies, including our Code a/k/a our Standards of Business Conduct, our Global Ethical Business Practices Policy, our Prohibition Against Abuse of Child Labor Policy, our Prohibition Against Human Trafficking Policy and our Supplier Code of Conduct, which address our position on these issues.

Code of Conduct

Catalent's Standards of Business Conduct sets forth our code of ethics and expectations regarding responsible business conduct.  It provides information about the standards of integrity that Catalent requires all employees, officers and its subsidiaries to follow, including standards relating to fair treatment and diversity, anti-harassment and bullying, child labor and human trafficking. We expect that our consultants, agents, representatives, business partners and suppliers will conform to the behaviors set forth in our Standards of Business Conduct, which are also highlighted in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Catalent's corporate values and culture statement include an emphasis on respect of others. Consistent with this, Catalent has zero tolerance for human trafficking. Catalent requests every supplier to acknowledge that they have been provided with a copy of our Supplier Code of Conduct, reviewed it in its entirety, and can commit to comply with the principles of it. Included in our Supplier Code of Conduct is the requirement that our suppliers behave in a lawful, ethical and socially responsible manner with respect to, among other things, human rights and acceptable working conditions. Catalent will not conduct business with suppliers that we conclude or reasonably believe have engaged in child labor law violations or activities that promote human trafficking or forced or involuntary labor.

While Catalent neither requires annual certifications nor conducts formal on-site audits of all its supplier relationships, Catalent (a) conducts new vendor due diligence, which includes review of publicly available news related to legal and ethical practices/violations; (b) ensures its supply contracts contain provisions by which suppliers agree to comply with all laws related to their performance under those agreements; and (c) conducts on-site visits of its primary suppliers from time to time to review and discuss contract and quality performance, which may incorporate review of the Supplier Code of Conduct.


As indicated above, Catalent maintains worldwide Standards of Business Conduct. In creating those standards, Catalent considered many different standards relating to the ethical and humane treatment of people, including the International Labour Organization (ILO) international labor standards and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Catalent requires that all of its directors, officers and employees comply with the provisions of its Standards of Business Conduct. All Catalent employees are trained on our Standards of Business Conduct upon hire and periodically provided refresher training thereafter. Catalent also provides information and training to its Global Procurement Team directly involved with the selection of new suppliers and the ongoing management of current suppliers. This training covers the assurance of ethical business practices by our suppliers.

Accountability Standards

Catalent has Standards of Business Conduct in place that govern the actions of our company and employees and holds them to the highest level of ethical and social responsibilities. Catalent's goal is to work with suppliers who embrace and comply with the principles of our Supplier Code of Conduct, and, in turn, to have these suppliers encourage compliance from any suppliers with whom they work in delivery of goods or services for Catalent.

Catalent employees who do not comply with the provisions of Catalent's Standards of Business Conduct may be disciplined. Unless otherwise prohibited by law (U.S. or other), discipline may include dismissal. To the extent permitted by law and contractual provisions governing termination rights, we reserve the right to terminate relationships with third parties, including suppliers, who conduct business in a manner that conflicts with Catalent's Standards of Business Conduct or Supplier Code of Conduct.


Catalent monitors human trafficking risks, based upon the industry in which we operate, and the geographic locations in which we conduct business and/or obtain materials necessary to provide products and services to our customers, by reviewing published country risk profiles for corruption and human trafficking risks and sharing these within the workplace.