Advanced Aseptic Processing


Security and functionality into a primary container closure system

ADVASEPT Lock Single

A stopperless vial that provides a glass-free needleless withdraw of drug product to provide a safe and efficient delivery solution. This technology is easily opened and locks to luered syringes for a smooth withdraw of the liquid product.

This technology aligns the three P’s (Patient, Payer, and Practitioner) 
Patient - At the Center of All our Decisions

  • Advanced aseptic processing to reduce the risk of sterile challenges and particulates.
  • Potential to improve the reliability of supply by driving at the root cause of the manufacturing challenges that are the at the base of the majority of the generic injectable drug shortage issues.

Practitioner - Potential Safety Advantages

  • Reducing the need to use a needle to withdraw drug product.
  • Elimination of glass particulates and sharp edges compared to a traditional ampoule.


  • Through efficient manufacturing process can be a cost effective solution compared to glass vials.
Container Design Freedom

ADVASEPT® technology offers unlimited potential with an endless number of possibilities, configurations, and combinations

  • Customizable & flexible delivery solutions with the sterility assurance of this advanced aseptic process.
  • Functionality can be added directly into the container with aseptic assurance provided by Catalent’s blow-fill-seal technology.
  • Design expertise can provide the features desired in an efficient manufacturing solution.

Our expertise in the blow-fill-seal technology and in-house mold design capabilities can deliver unique primary container designs to provide your brand promise.