8th Annual World ADC San Diego

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Date: September 20 - 22, 2017

Location: Sheraton San Diego Marina
San Diego, CA

The 8th World ADC San Diego is the industry’s longest standing and most comprehensive antibody-drug conjugate conference.

You’ll hear from 94 industry expert speakers who will give detailed presentations on identifying novel tumor associated antigens, effectively translating into the clinic and ensuring readiness for commercial scale manufacturing.

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Catalent Expert Speaking Presentation

Date: Thursday September 21, 2017
Time: 2.30 PM
Presenter: David Rabuka, Global Head R&D, Chemical Biology, R&D Indirect, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Title: Latest Advances Developing Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and other bioconjugates using SMARTag Technology
Abstract: We have developed the SMARTagTM technology platform, which enables precise, programmable, site-selective chemical protein modification. Leveraging the target sequence of Formylglycine Generating Enzyme (FGE) we chemoenzymatically modify proteins to generate a precisely placed aldehyde functionality that can be chemically elaborated.   Subsequently, novel ligation chemistry is employed that exploits this “aldehyde tag” site.  We will present recent data on our novel protein modification platform and its application to generating novel bioconjugates, including ADCs, utilizing our new conjugation chemistries and linkers.  The application of these chemistries to the generate site-specifically modified bioconjugates with improved efficacy and safety profiles will be presented. Additionally, we will highlight progress in developing conjugates with a focus on preclinical studies as well as highlight our progress in cell line development and manufacturing of using this chemoenzymatic approach.

Catalent Expert Poster Presentation

Title: How to Tailor Holistic Analytical Solutions for Therapeutic Bioconjugates to Reveal Previously Unknown Conjugatable Modifications
Authors: Wesley Zmolek; Qiuting Hong; Jesse McFarland; Robyn Barfield; Penelope Drake; David Rabuka; William E. Haskins, Catalent Biologics West, Emeryville, California
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