Enhancing Drug Bioavailibility And Solubility 2013

Enhancing Drug Bioavailibility and Solubility 2013

Date: 1/21/13-1/23/13

ExL Pharma’s 2nd Enhancing Drug Bioavailability and Solubility Conference will assist you in adopting novel formulation approaches to maximize time-to-market, as well as discover the latest strategies for a successful drug development pipeline.

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Featured Catalent Expert Presentations Include:

“Novel Softgel Delivery Systems for Bioavailability Enhancement, Macromolecule Delivery and Life-cycle Management” presented by Irena McGuffy, Manager, Softgel Formulation, Catalent Pharma Solutions. This discussion will focus on new applications of Softgel Technology for LBDDS: Improving Shell Compatibility With OptiShell™ Soft Capsules; Orally Delivering Macromolecules; and Film-coating Softgels for Optimized Delivery Profiles. Bioavailability enhancement of orally delivered macromolecules utilizing lipid-based delivery systems, permeation enhancers and targeted delivery.

Stephen Abele, Principal Formulation Scientist, Catalent Pharma Solutions and Tapan Parikh, MS, Ph.D.Candidate, St. John’s University will present a joint case-study presentation by on:
 “Novel Modified-Release Technology-OptiDose™ -- A means to Targeted Delivery, Enhanced Bioavailability and Fixed Dose Combination Products”. Which will cover and overview with development capabilities , bead in a dry powder coat , pulsatile drug delivery, unique dissolution profiles – zero-order, IR/ER combinations, and formulations concerns unique to OptiDose™ Technologies. As well as,  “Hot Melt Extrusion: Role of physico-chemical properties of polymers in hot melt extrusion”, which will focus on glass transition of polymer and its impact on hot melt extruder product, evaluation of drug-polymer miscibility with regards to melt extruded product, rheological properties of polymer and their impact on flow properties during extrusion process, hygroscopicity of polymer and its impact on extrusion process, and polymer stability during extrusion

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