Outsourcing In Clinical Trials Israel


Date: March 21- 22, 2017

Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

Stand: 21

Arena International is thrilled to announce that Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Israel will be convening again in the Tel-Aviv hub for 2017. Building on the success of the 2016 event, it will continue to draw in the local hub of innovative, medical device and pharma start-ups as well as draw in some of the more established companies within the country. The 2 days of discussion will continue to discuss key issues related to outsourcing.

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Catalent Expert Speaking Presentation

Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Time: 9:30am
Presenter: Mark Woolf, Global Manager, Depot Network, Catalent Pharma Solutions
Title: Leveraging a Demand Led Supply Model to Support Regional Distribution Strategies
Summary: A keen understanding of the regional challenges associated with the movement and distribution of clinical supplies both intra-region and across borders plays a significant role in the development of an optimal distribution strategy. However even with a clear understanding of the often complex requirements that must be met in order to effectively move supplies the resulting supply chain efficiency and risk profile may still be sub-optimal when using traditional distribution strategies. Demand led supply is emerging as an alternative which among its advantages allows for greater flexibility to develop and implement region-specific strategies.
Learning Objectives:
• Review the essential components of a demand led supply model and how it differs from other commonly used distribution models 
• Understand how demand led supply can be used to support regional distribution strategies and improve supply chain risk management
• Identify the cost, time, planning, implementation and in-region flexibility advantages that a demand led approach may offer over traditional distribution strategies