1. 12/06/2011 Catalent Plans to Increase Biologic Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

  2. 11/30/2011 Catalent Expert to Present Strategies to Support Intelligent Global Sourcing

  3. 11/08/2011 New Vice President and General Manager of Sterile Technologies Appointed

  4. 11/02/2011 Catalent Expert To Discuss The Effect of Immunoglobulin

  5. 11/01/2011 Catalent Joins Inhalation Experts to Advance Industry Science

  6. 10/19/2011 Catalent Focus On Expansion and New Technologies at ICSE/CPhI

  7. 10/16/2011 Catalent Highlight New Drug Delivery Technologies and Scientific Expert Events

  8. 10/05/2011 Catalent Expands Analytical Services Capabilities With A New Lab in Swindon, UK

  9. 09/27/2011 Catalent Expert to Present A Case Study of A Phase III Trial

  10. 09/26/2011 Expert to Present Technology Solutions for Biologics Challenges

  11. 09/25/2011 Catalent Expert Presents On Practical Considerations for Bioassays

  12. 09/22/2011 Catalent to Present Webinar on Applied Drug Delivery

  13. 09/20/2011 New VP Business Development, Zydis® Technology, Appointed

  14. 09/20/2011 Catalent and Toyobo Team Up To Launch GPEx®

  15. 09/19/2011 Catalent Announces Partnership With Toyobo Biologics, Inc.

  16. 09/13/2011 Catalent Expansions Show Close Pharma-Biz Tracking

  17. 09/12/2011 Catalent Announces Expansion of Its Advanced Dose Form Facility in Italy

  18. 09/11/2011 Expert to Present at 4th Annual Drug Repositioning Conference

  19. 09/07/2011 Catalent Expert Presents On Viral Safety

  20. 08/21/2011 Catalent to Acquire Aptuit LLC's Clinical Trial Supplies Business

  21. 08/14/2011 Catalent Expert Elsevier Webinar on Biosimiliars and Biobetters

  22. 08/07/2011 Catalent Expert Presents at 3rd Annual FDA Supplier Quality Management Congress

  23. 08/02/2011 Catalent Announces Cold-Chain Expansions to Meet Increasing Customer Demand

  24. 07/27/2011 Catalent Expert Presents New Technologies at 38th Annual CRS Conference

  25. 07/13/2011 Novel OSDrC® Optimized Dosing Technology Introduced

  26. 07/04/2011 Catalent Expert To Present Webinar On Biosimilars and Biobetters

  27. 06/29/2011 Catalent Invests In Global Clinical Suppy Services Capacity and Offering

  28. 06/28/2011 New Medication Delivery Solutions President Appointed

  29. 06/22/2011 Catalent Experts Present at HBA Global Expo 2011

  30. 06/22/2011 Catalent Presents At 7th Annual Improving Solubility Summit

  31. 06/15/2011 CEVEC and Catalent Offer Joint Cell Line Development Service

  32. 06/10/2011 Drug Delivery Trends and Topics With Catalent VP of Strategy

  33. 05/08/2011 Catalent Expert Presents the Requirements and Importance of Viral Safety

  34. 05/03/2011 New Vice President of Scientific Affairs Appointed

  35. 05/01/2011 Study Shows Adherence Packaging Solutions Drives Gains in Patient Persistency

  36. 04/13/2011 Catalent Announces New Sales Leadership Appoinments

  37. 03/22/2011 Catalent Presents at the 5th Annual Improving Solubility Conference

  38. 03/20/2011 Catalent to Present at INTERPHEX 2011

  39. 03/17/2011 Catalent Appoints New Vice President/General Manager of Consumer Health Softgel

  40. 03/13/2011 Catalent Pharma Solutions Appoints New Senior Vice President of Human Resources

  41. 03/09/2011 Catalent's Schorndorf Facility Celebrates 50 Years

  42. 03/08/2011 Catalent Expert to Teach Drug Development at Institute

  43. 03/08/2011 Catalent Expert Speaks on the Future of Biologics

  44. 02/27/2011 Catalent agrees to sell Printed Components business

  45. 02/16/2011 Catalent Experts Featured At PQRI Workshop

  46. 02/14/2011 Catalent Acquires Exclusive Rights to Lyopan® Fast-Dissolve Technology

  47. 02/02/2011 Catalent to present Efficient Solid-State Screening Using FT-Raman Spectroscopy

  48. 01/30/2011 Catalent Announces Partnership with Nuron Biotech for Phase III Clinical Study

  49. 01/23/2011 Catalent Expert to Present Drug Delivery Solutions to Enhance Bioavailability

  50. 01/18/2011 Catalent Experts to Present Webinar on Fit-For-Purpose Strategies for Solid-Form

  51. 01/16/2011 Catalent Clinical Supply Services Enhances Direct Global Comparator Sourcing...

  52. 01/13/2011 Catalent Expert Delivers US Pharmacopeia Update at 10th Annual Europe Conference

  53. 01/09/2011 Catalent Appoints New Leadership Talent in Global Manufacturing Sites

  54. 01/04/2011 Catalent Clinical Supply Continues to Invest in Automation to Drive High ...