1. 10/15/2019 Catalent to Discuss Handling & Destruction of Returned Clinical Trial Materials

  2. 10/08/2019 Catalent to Discuss ‘Ready-to-Market’ Formulations at SupplySide West

  3. 10/03/2019 Catalent Appoints Dr. Guy Dewil as General Manager

  4. 10/02/2019 Catalent to Discuss How Drug Design Influences Patient Outcomes at PODD

  5. 09/26/2019 Catalent Institute to Host Symposium on Smart Drug Development and Design

  6. 09/24/2019 Catalent and Minerva Neurosciences Enter Commercial Supply Agreement

  7. 09/17/2019 Advantages of Singapore as a Clinical Supply Hub to be Discussed by Catalent

  8. 09/12/2019 Catalent Announces the Appointment of David Schaffer to Biologics Advisory Board

  9. 09/10/2019 Flexible Filling and ‘Ready-to-Use’ Technologies to be Discussed at Pharma Forum

  10. 09/05/2019 Catalent to Open New Clinical Supply Facility in San Diego

  11. 09/03/2019 Catalent to Discuss Formulation Benefits to Diabetes Patients at NLS Days

  12. 08/29/2019 Catalent to Present BioProcess International (BPI) East Conference

  13. 08/22/2019 Catalent Invited to Present at Prague-Weizmann Summer School

  14. 07/31/2019 Novavax and Catalent Announce Closing of Strategic Partnership

  15. 07/31/2019 Novavax and Catalent Announce Closing of Strategic Partnership

  16. 07/18/2019 Catalent Appoints Ricardo Pravda to Lead Human Resources Function

  17. 07/16/2019 Catalent Announces Agreement to Provide Production for Spinal Muscular Atrophy

  18. 07/10/2019 Catalent to Present at the Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting

  19. 07/10/2019 Catalent’s Partner, Passage Bio, Announces New Gene Therapy Mfg Suite

  20. 07/09/2019 Catalent Extends Global Commercial Spray Drying Capabilities in Europe

  21. 07/02/2019 Catalent Presents at PREP Symposium

  22. 07/02/2019 Amicus Announces It Has Entered Into a Partnership with Catalent

  23. 06/27/2019 Discussion by Catalent at ON Helix

  24. 06/27/2019 Novavax and Catalent Biologics Enter Strategic Partnership

  25. 06/19/2019 Catalent To Purchase Manufacturing Facility In Anagni, Italy

  26. 06/17/2019 IVERIC bio Enters into Relationship

  27. 05/23/2019 Catalent to Launch OneBio Suite

  28. 05/20/2019 Catalent has acquired gene therapy leader Paragon Bioservices

  29. 05/09/2019 Catalent Achieves Global ISO Accreditation

  30. 05/07/2019 Catalent Receives RoSPA Silver Award

  31. 04/25/2019 Catalent Collaborates with MGB Biopharma

  32. 04/24/2019 Technologies to Improve Patient Adherence and to be Discussed at CPhI NA

  33. 04/23/2019 Catalent Invests $14 Million at its Eberbach, Germany Softgel Facility

  34. 04/18/2019 Patient-Centric Workshop to be Presented GCSG US

  35. 04/15/2019 Catalent to acquire gene therapy leader Paragon Bioservices

  36. 04/11/2019 Catalent Celebrates Opening of Second Shanghai Facility

  37. 04/09/2019 Benefits of Hot Melt Extrusion Presented at Drug Development Networking Summit

  38. 04/04/2019 Catalent Expands OptiMelt® Hot Melt Extrusion Capabilities

  39. 04/02/2019 Planning for Orphan Drug Supply to be Discussed

  40. 04/01/2019 Triphase Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial of B-cell Lymphoma Treatment

  41. 03/26/2019 Catalent Biologics to Present at INTERPHEX

  42. 03/21/2019 Catalent Signs CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

  43. 03/19/2019 Advances in Biologics Development Hosted by CADDI

  44. 03/12/2019 Catalent Biologics Experts at ISPE Aseptic Conference

  45. 03/07/2019 Catalent Invests Over $27 Million to Commercialize Zydis® Ultra

  46. 03/05/2019 Catalent Experts to Present at CTS Europe and CTS New England

  47. 02/28/2019 CADDI and Northeastern University to Host Symposium

  48. 02/21/2019 Catalent Appoints Kay Schmidt to Lead Technical Operations

  49. 02/20/2019 Adial Pharmaceuticals Announces Partnership with Catalent for Adial’s AD04

  50. 02/19/2019 Solutions for Assay Automation to be Presented at BEBPA

  51. 02/18/2019 Catalent Receives P&G External Business Partner of the Year

  52. 02/13/2019 Catalent Names Alessandro Maselli President and Chief Operating Officer

  53. 02/12/2019 The Effect of Pipeline Success to be Presented at SCOPE Summit

  54. 01/29/2019 Smart Drug Development and Design to be Discussed at Symposium

  55. 01/24/2019 Debate on Patient-Focused Biologic Design to be Led by Catalent at DDP

  56. 01/17/2019 Assay Automation to be Presented at WCBP Symposium

  57. 01/07/2019 Catalent Invests $200 Million to Expand Biologics Capacity and Capabilities