Catalent Expert Presents At 2012 CRS Conference

Recent Advances in Controlled Release, Solubility, and ODT Applications Presented by Catalent Expert at CRS Conference

Somerset, NJ, July 11, 2012 — Michael J. Valazza R.Ph., Vice President, Global Modified Release Technologies, Catalent Pharma Solutions, will be presenting on “Recent Advances in Oral Granules and Fixed Dose Tablet technologies, OptiMelt™ Solubility Enhancement Solutions, and Oral Disintegrating Tablet applications,” on Sunday, July 15th from 10:15AM -11:15AM as part of a releasing technology workshop (room 202) at the 39th annual Controlled Release Society Conference.  This educational workshop will focus on new advancements in modified controlled release technologies, including novel OSDrC®OptiDose™ optimized dose delivery technology, solubility enhancement with OptiMelt™ hot melt extrusion , and case studies of Zydis® fast-dissolve applications.

Optimized Products and Better Treatments:

OSDrC®OptiDose™ optimized dose delivery technology offers the broadest range of controlled release, combination (tablet-within-a-tablet) products, and loosely compressed beads encased in tablets to optimize dosing, therapeutic, and plasma release profiles to meet patient needs in a high quality, one step manufacturing process.

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OptiMelt™ hot melt extrusion enhances solubility of BCS Class 2/4 poorly soluble compounds to bring more products and better treatments to market.  OptiMelt™ enables scientists to achieve desired efficacy, differentiate product profiles, enhance patient compliance, and optimize product performance.

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Zydis® fast-dissolve tablets are the innovator brand in orally disintegrating tablets and offers the potential for increasing the range of prescription and consumer drug products that can be formulated as a lyophilized fast-dissolve dosage form. This proprietary technology has been applied to launch an ODT vaccine that was previously administered through subcutaneous injection. Buccal absorption, taste-masking, and patient convenience make Zydis® fast-dissolve tablets ideal for numerous therapeutic areas.

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Throughout his 30 year career, Mr. Valazza has held various executive positions in product development and technical services with a focus on modified and controlled release solid dosage form applications. He is a recognized leader in the field of controlled release technology, having published articles in several scientific journals, and presented at numerous industry conferences.  He currently leads Catalent’s Controlled Release Technologies global team, and is based at its Somerset, NJ headquarters.  Mr. Valazza is a registered pharmacist in New Jersey and Kentucky, with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Rutgers University, College of Pharmacy.  He is a member of the Controlled Release Society (CRS) and American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).

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