CosmoPod® Capsules For Beauty

100% Plant-based twist off softgels for beauty care


With over 80 years as the leading innovator in softgel technology, our CosmoPod® plant-based capsules can offer new innovation for your beauty care brand. Our CosmoPod® twist off capsules are a sophisticated, innovative delivery form that offers differentiated benefits and an enhanced consumer experience to the beauty care consumer.  Vegicaps® capsules are derived from carrageenan, an all-natural, plant-based seaweed extract.  We use a special grade of carrageenan extract to ensure the highest product quality and our plant-based capsules are an ideal solution for consumers looking for safe, animal free cosmetic beauty applications:

  • Skin Care
  • Bath & Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Fine Fragrances
  • Color Cosmetics
CosmoPod® Capsules Consumer Benefits
  • Attractive, premium beauty capsules 
  • Capsules are convenient, easy to twist-off and apply
  • Accurate, pre-measured dosing for optimal effectiveness 
  • Maintains product freshness and effectiveness with every use
  • Portable capsules are great for on-the-go and travel 
  • 100% animal free and preservative free
  • Biodegradable
  • Delivers targeted application of concentrated active ingredients
CosmoPod® Capsule Technical Advantages 
  • Anhydrous formulas deliver a concentration of active ingredients, with no water and no preservatives 
  • Proven to protect from air and light, improved stability vs. traditional dosage forms  
  • Single use provides optimal freshness
  • Resistance to higher humidity/temperature which helps maintain stability at variable conditions
  • Preservative free formulas are ideal for sensitive skin 
  • Plant based, odor-free shell
  • Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic, fragrance and bath ingredients
Catalent Development Expertise 
  • Cosmeceuticals: Silicone and non-silicone based formulas
    • Pure Retinol and Pure Vitamin C at diversified dosages and types
    • Peptides with diversified structures to maximize efficacy
  • Natural Ingredients: Oil based formulas
    • Innovative and traditional natural ingredients
    • Ingredients sourced from the Arctic to the Amazon
  • Dermatological: Daily treatments for various skin types
    • Preservative free
    • Pre-measured for optimal dosage every time 
    • Innovative and effective ingredients for highly targeted action
  • Customer Fill / Proprietary Ingredients 
    • Formulas customized to your specifications
    • R&D support to develop water-free fills compatible with capsule technology
Market Ready Formulations
  • More than 200 formulas for face, body, hair, bath & fragrance
  • 10 different innovative bath formulas
  • Diversified portfolio of 'ready to go' formulas
  • Fine fragrance and essential oil encapsulation capabilities

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