SavorGel™ Technology


Catalent’s softgel formulation expertise can help you differentiate your brand with our innovative SavorGel™ technology. This technology will help deliver your product’s active ingredients in a convenient, enjoyable form that pets will enjoy and your consumers demand. SavorGel™ capsules are designed to ease the administration by pet owners, are well- suited for animals with difficulty swallowing or chewing, and can help with improving compliance, adding value to your products. 


SavorGel™ Technology Advantages

SavorGel capsules unlock the power of softgel technology for animal health as a proven delivery solution for active ingredients through features designed to attract consumption by animals and provide ease of use for caregivers. 

  • Organoleptic: Scent profile attracts pet interest and capsules rupture easily upon chewing providing flavor burst, which encourages full consumption
  • Formulation: Specially formulated shell disintegrates rapidly and specially formulated fills are viscous and flavored; Able to accommodate a variety of active ingredients including potents 
  • Active Ingredient Delivery: Overcomes many API challenges including poor solubility, permeability and stability; Also suitable for liquid API and API with low melting points; Encapsulation alleviates user safety concerns when handling
  • Manufacturing: Extremely scalable manufacturing process with high degree of dose uniformity; Able to encapsulate liquids, pastes, and semi-solids; Softgel capsules structurally robust 
  • Product Differentiation: A wide range of custom shapes, colors and premium in-line printing with our patented Graphicaps™ technology helps differentiate your product from other brands 
Pet & Pet Owner Benefits

SavorGel™ capsules make the task of administering medication more enjoyable for both the animal and the caregiver. The specially designed shell and fill work together to create a system which provides flexibility to the caregiver and can lead to better therapeutic outcomes by encouraging compliance. 

  • Self-take: fully flavored system designed for pets to consume without encouragement or force
  • Taste & Flavor: our wide experience in taste masking with difficult ingredients enables us to flavor and mask a wide range of actives and formulations to minimize aversion or negative reactions
  • Texture & Form: specially developed fill formulation provides a highly flavored semisolid gel or paste that won’t drip when capsule is chewed and provides a flavor burst pets enjoy
  • Shape & Size: a variety of sizes available for different breeds and species, and snip-tip shapes available to provide extra flexibility to pets that can’t or won’t chew capsules by allowing fill to be dispensed directly into mouth or onto food
Catalent Development Expertise
  • Pre-formulation and feasibility study
  • Softgel capsule fill formulation development
  • Small-scale lab encapsulation to provide early stability data and final formulation selection
  • Shelf life determination through stability testing
  • Global, reliable supply from development to commercial manufacturing