Blow / Fill / Seal

Advanced Aseptic Processing


As the leading sterile liquid delivery brand for over 30 years, we have the significant capacity and highest-quality support systems to meet all your Blow/Fill/Seal (B/F/S) manufacturing needs. As the catalyst to improve the total performance of your products, we provide customizable, specialty fill-finish solutions that efficiently drive the most effective patient outcomes. Because of our unrivaled expertise in the industry, we are able to provide cost-effective, customized manufacturing options for your most complex treatments, ensuring a reliable global supply and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Catalent Benefits
  • Capacity and flexibility
    • We offer the largest scale and widest breadth of B/F/S contract manufacturing services available:
      • Batch sizes up to 2000L scale
      • Solutions for products that are temperature, light, or oxygen sensitive
      • Capability for complete customization for unit or multi-dose containers without reliance on stock containers 
  • Wide variety of sterile and non-sterile liquid pharmaceuticals therapeutic areas
    • Respiratory 
    • Ophthalmic 
    • Biologics 
    • Oral liquids 
    • Topicals
    • Medical devices
  • Accurate dosing
    • Capability for complete customization for unit and multi-dose containers without reliance on stock containers
    • Proprietary insertion technology
  • Processing efficiencies
    • Highly automated
    • Minimal component handling/pre-sterilization
    • High per-run output 
  • Quality/sterility assurance
    • B/F/S is recognized by the USP as an advanced aseptic process for forming, filling, and sealing containers 
    • Minimal operator interface and limited product exposure time
Valuable Product Differentiation


  • An extensively customizable range of containers, tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer, across markets such as ophthalmic, respiratory, topicals and biotech
  • Scalable capacity to meet customer demand through a network of manufacturing sites 
  • Highest quality standards in the industry
How It Works
  • An advanced aseptic process, B/F/S technology is a completely automated system with minimal operator interface. 
  • The basic concept of the system is the combination of three major processing steps: container molding, container filling, and container sealing. We can mold the container to fit almost any shape.
  • The plastic extrusion area and critical fill zone (ISO 5) are designed as a partially isolated area with localized protection.
  • There is minimized exposure of the product and container to the environment.
  • A sterile boundary sterilized in place eliminates aseptic connections.
Catalent Capabilities

Catalent also has the expertise and capability to support your needs outside of commercial production:

  • Fully Functional Pilot Plant
    • 2 pilot scale machines
    • 1 commercial scale BFS-624 machine
    • Pouching and packaging capability
  • Feasibility Manufacturing
    • Compatibility test runs
    • Prototype mold development and testing
    • Formulation development
    • Suspensions and emulsions
  • Clinical Manufacturing
    • Phase I/II/III support
  • Registration Manufacturing
    • Process scale-up
    • Submission and stability batches

Our facilities in Woodstock, IL offers the following technical capabilities:

  • Filling of solutions, suspensions, or emulsions
  • Fill volumes range from 0.3 mL to 500 mL
  • World-class critical utility systems including water for injection
  • Cold-storage capabilities
  • Solutions for products that are temperature, light, oxygen or delivery sensitive
  • Analytical and microbiology laboratories