Prefilled Syringes

Precise dosage perfectly administered

28b-SYRINGE-S-Catalent-050 v2

With more than 70 years of sterile manufacturing experience with injectables and a global infrastructure of cGMP and FDA-compliant facilities, we have the expertise, processes, and resources to meet all of your syringe-filling needs from formulation and development to fill/finish. Backed by our team of over 1,000 highly trained scientists, we offer the latest in innovative fill-finish processes, and specialty devices such as auto-injectors and safety shields. Our syringe-filling capacity is over 175 million units. 

Catalent Benefits
  • Develop and manufacture specialized delivery technologies that ensure patient’s safety and accurate dosing
  • Provide cost-effective, customized manufacturing options for your complex treatments
  • Reliably supply products that meet the highest quality standards
  • Provide additional services to help you get to market faster and compete more successfully, including:
    • Development (stability tests)
    • Contract work (quality control – logistics)
    • Process development
Catalent Capabilities
  • Extensive range of syringe solutions
    • Terminal sterilization of filled syringes
    • Syringe top: Luer, Luer Lock, or with needle
    • Automatic needle-shielding system
    • Graduation of the syringes
    • Filling of viscoelastics
    • 100% visual control: fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual
    • Labeling, blistering, and cartoning of syringes
    • Solution prepared by Catalent or supplied by the customer
    • Choice between ready-to-fill or bulk syringes
How it Works
  • Brussels, Belgium
    • 2 Floors: 9,060m
    • Sterile: 2,600m
    • Warehouse: 2,450m
    • Lab: 760m
    • Office: 1,500m
    • EMEA, FDA, ANVISA approved
    • Canadian, Japanese, Australian approved
  • Limoges, France
    • Total: 12000 sq. meters
    • Mfg: 3000 sq. meters
    • Packaging: 1200 sq. meters
    • Warehouse: 6000 sq. meters
    • Lab: 700 sq. meters
    • Office: 800 sq. meters
    • EMEA, ANIVISA, pending FDA approval

All of our sites are subject to annual review so we can remain in compliance with:

  • FDA/cGMP
  • Canadian HPB
  • British MHRA
  • European community (EMA)
  • Brazilian authorities

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