Customizing competitive tablets to your most stringent formulation requirements

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As the premier innovator of coated multi-particulate dosage forms, we also offer expert development and manufacturing services for oral solid tablets (as well as powders, pellets, beads, and granules). Backed by a wide range of dose release options - from immediate to modified (including our proprietary Zydis ® fast dissolve) - our highly trained scientists can help you develop formulations, then customize hardshell tablets to match specific requirements, thus enhancing your therapeutic outcome. Our experience is vast; we produce over 700,000,000 tablets per year - working with potent APIs, non-chlorinated organic solvents, and all schedules of DEA-controlled substances. As well, our manufacturing expertise - in particular, around fluid bed technology - can help further distinguish your product in a highly competitive market.

Catalent Benefits 
  • Integrated services from development to market
  • Preformulation and formulation expertise solving numerous challenges
  • Innovative proprietary release technologies that optimize delivery
  • Network of FDA-compliant facilities
  • Project management teams with on-point contact
  • Reliable, customized clinical supply
  • Track record of regulatory success in NDAs and ANDAs
  • Extensive expertise, experience, and capacity for full-scale production
  • Traditional hard tablets 
  • Bi-layer tablets
Valuable Product Differentiation 
  • Dose release options
    • Immediate Release
    • Modified Release
      • Controlled Release 
    • Delayed Release/Enteric Release
    • Repeat Action or Pulse Release
  • Proprietary technologies
    • Zydis ® fast dissolve 
      • No. 1 selling technology that enhances pre-gastric absorption
How It Works
  • Essential tablet characteristics defined and determined during formulation development 
  • API formulated with excipients to produce powder or granulation for the tablet presses
  • Material compressed into tablets on a tablet press
  • Tooling of presses varied to create a variety of tablet shapes, sizes, and embossed designs
Catalent Services 

Our expert team of scientists can advise you which of our numerous methods is most suited to your tablet production:

  • Bioavailability enhancement
  • Matrix 
  • Osmotic pump 
  • Functionally coating
  • Pan layering/coating of tablets
  • Extrusion/spheronization/coating
  • High drug load
  • Fluidized bed layering/coating
Catalent Capabilities
  • Tablet presses
    • Manesty Express 700 (61 station “B” and 49 station “D” double-sided and bi-layer)
    • Manesty Express “B” and “D” tooled
    • Korsch PH300 (29 station “D” tooled, single sided)
    • Bosch, Index & H&K 1500 capsule fillers all with IMA Precisa 120 weight sorters
  • Tablet coaters
    • Fully perforated pan-coaters
    • Solvent or aqueous
    • Available sizes
      • 5” to 30” (Somerset)
      • 24” to 60” (Winchester)
  • Controlled substance processing
    • Capability of ordering, storing, testing, and processing of DEA Schedules II – V
    • Significant experience processing controlled release morphine analogs and amphetamines
    • Tablet and capsule dosage forms
    • 24/7 security
    • Video surveillance of processing rooms
    • 110 pallet space narcotics vault
  • Somerset, NJ, U.S.A.
    • Commercial and development
    • Isolation technologies
      • Milling
      • Roller compacting
      • Granulating
      • Drying
      • API mixing
      • Sieving
      • Tableting
      • Capsule filling
      • Blending
      • Tablet & bead coating
  • Winchester, KY, U.S.A.
    • Category I – II I and solvent-based processing
    • Extrusion and spheronization
    • Commercial high-shear granulation
    • Blending
    • Tablet compression
    • Hardshell capsule filling
    • Pan-coating
  • Schorndorf, Germany
    • Category I – IV and solvent- based processing
    • Commercial high-shear granulation
    • Blending
    • Dry granulation
    • Extrusion and spheronization
    • Tablet compression
    • Hardshell capsule filling
    • Pan coating