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Catalent is the leader in drug development and delivery technologies serving the global pharmaceutical, biotech, and consumer health industries. We know what it takes to bring successful therapies to market, and we are excited to bring this expertise to Animal Health. We understand the challenges of patient adherence and therapeutic compliance, and our team of over 1,000 scientists stands ready to help overcome these challenges in animal health. With 27 global sites producing billions of doses annually, we have the capacity to develop and supply your products in virtually any market. 

Our leading formulation and drug delivery technologies enable you to offer dose forms suitable for a variety of species and categories. Whether you are seeking to overcome pet acceptance and owner compliance, improve ease of use in the field, or create better formulations to differentiate and improve label claims, Catalent has the right technology to support your innovation strategy and growth. We partner with you to grow your business and add value to your therapies. 

Benefits to Animal Health

The challenge of administering medication to animals is well known. Catalent has consistently helped our partners overcome dose acceptance and therapeutic compliance hurdles through the use of unique formulation technologies designed to ensure that drugs can be administered properly and also to reduce the burden on caregivers. With industry leading technologies, Catalent is able to help transform the task of administering medication to animals into an easy and enjoyable one for animals and the people who care for them. With our advanced development formulation expertise, we can help your brands grow by helping to solve dose administration challenges and improve usability with pet owners and producers.

We can help get your veterinary pharmaceutical and animal health products to market faster and more efficiently by leveraging our:

  • Unique, proven formulation technologies
  • Development expertise of advanced dose delivery devices
  • Expert drug development, analytical, and regulatory support 
  • Global supply network consisting of 27 sites ready to reliably supply virtually any market 

Better Compliance

Zydis® Fast Dissolve Technologies

05a-ZYDIS-S-Catalent 0282- v2

Zydis® Fast Dissolve tablets dissolve within three seconds of administration, reducing the struggle to administer medication and ensuring the dose can’t be spit out. Zydis® also offers 'on the go' convenience which is particularly suited to pets with conditions that have acute or unpredictable symptoms such as pain, allergies, gastrointestinal upset as well as any therapies that need to be administered chronically.

The Zydis® platform has even successfully demonstrated the ability for drugs to be absorbed systemically through the oral mucosa, thereby reducing drug load required, providing flexibility in salt selection, and also avoiding issues with gastric degradation and hepatic metabolism.

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Softgel Oral & Topical Technologies

Softgel is an ideal dose form to solve your tough bioavailability challenges, and with Catalent’s extensive expertise with RP Scherer Softgel technology, we can meet your formulation and bioavailability challenges with a newly redesigned softgel formulation that pets and pet owners will prefer.

Spotlight Offering: Savorgel™ Technology

Savorgel Tech

This new offering provides a unique dosage form designed for optimal animal acceptance and pet owners preference. More specifically, the technology is a:

  • Fully flavored dose form which can freely be chewed by dogs and cats
  • Higher viscosity fill formulation designed to prevent loss of capsule contents upon chewing and ensure full consumption.

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Other key softgel technologies include:

OptiGel Mini™ capsules.

Smaller Size

Twist off capsules

Providing the flexibility to apply API to feed or dispense orally.

Vegicaps® capsules

Plant based and preservative free for hypoallergenic delivery and allows for a broader range of APIs.

OptiGel Lock™ technology

To prevent potential abuse for controlled substances prescribed for animals.

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Blow Fill Seal – Unit Dose Technology


Using our advanced liquid filing technology we can offer ready-to-use, single-dose containers that provide mess-free and accurate dosing of a broad range of active ingredients suitable for key categories including ophthalmic, otic, intranasal, and topical formulations.  Through our formulation expertise and tremendous knowledge of the blow fill seal technology, we can develop a tailored and customized solution for your product, providing you with an effective and reliable source of supply.

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As a market leader in sterile manufacturing with over 70 years of experience and a syringe filling capacity of over 100 million units, we offer an extensively customizable range of  innovative fill-finish processes, specialty delivery vehicles, and prefilled syringe products,  such as mastitis tubes, auto injectors and other devices uniquely tailored to the target species.

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More Products

As the #1 global industry partner in drug development, Catalent can help you bring more molecules to market faster. With our unique technologies, deepest expertise, and proven track record of regulatory and commercialization success, we can help solve your toughest challenges to achieve optimal molecule forms and therapeutic profiles. From rapid testing of early candidates to New or Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (NADA & ANADA) or submission, we help accelerate your efforts by providing immediate resourcing and technical expert support for your product.

Catalent also offers a full range of integrated biologics services and move seamlessly through development, biomanufacturing, analytical, fill/finish, and packaging. Our proprietary GPEx® technology can help speed the development of your cell to market faster than other available technologies – from gene to master cell bank in less than 5 months, and with enhanced expression. With over 20 years in the biologics industry and a proven track record supporting biotech and pharmaceutical companies, we can help build you a smooth path from cell line development to product delivery of your large molecule animal health products.

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Reliably Supplied

For over 75 years we've customized innovative manufacturing and packaging solutions for pharmaceutical clients around the globe, and we now offer this expertise to the animal health industry. Our superior facilities, broad offerings, and unique, proprietary delivery technologies enable us to supply you with the most successful and cost-effective products for your treatments. Catalent’s broad range of efficient, integrated supply solutions can help you ensure the highest quality of product as well as speed your time to market. 

With our expertise and capacity across every phase of development, we offer you the peace of mind that comes from having one company manage your supply chain throughout your product’s entire lifecycle. Whether you are headed for launch, extending your line, responding to surge capacity, or facing your product’s end of life, you can depend on Catalent for reliable, worry-free supply that meets the highest-quality standard.

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