Cosmetics And Skin Care

Energy, Beauty, Well-being in a Capsule

Library of Formulations

More than 250 developed formulations for Face, Body and Hair. 100 plus customer-specific formulations per year including

  • Face capsule formulas for anti-aging, antiwrinkle and color cosmetics.
  • Body care formulas for moisturizing, toning and firmness.
  • Haircare capsule formulas for thermal protection, frizz control, reduced breakage.
  • Innovative bath bead formulas.
Formulation Alternatives

cosmetic capsule

  • Support customers to adapt existing formulations to soft capsule applications
  • 250 shapes in Catalent library, easily sized to required quantity—rounds, ovals, oblongs, twist-offs, novelties
  • Customer-specific designs
  • 500 standard gelatin shell colors
  • 200 Vegicaps ® capsule colors
  • Custom matching of Pantone ® colors
  • 10 different shell surface textures—clear, opaque, pearly, satin, frosted, metallic, sparkly, chameleon, marbled, ribbon printed and more
  • 100 plus fragrances in Catalent library—personalize the products
  • 100 plus customer-specific fragrances in current production
Formulation Services

We recognize that successful development requires great science, a strong technological infrastructure and extensive expertise. As a global leader, Catalent offers all of these capabilities to our customers with technologically advanced product proposals to drive modern trends.

Our expertise in development allows us to deliver formulations with outstanding efficacy and customer success is maximized through increased consumer satisfaction.

We offer flexible services that allow customers to:

  • Provide us with their own fill formulation for encapsulation
  • Provide us with their own base formula and we continue its development to their unique specifications
  • Tap into our developed library of formulas that can be highly customized to their needs and preferences
Packaging Services

Our dedicated packaging team allows us to offer creative and innovative packaging proposals including jars, tubes, blisters in folding boxes or wallets, thermoformed packs, clamshells, sampling options, single or multiple over wrapping, customized solutions and an extensive range of proposals for retail products and sampling for promotions or market tests.

Unit-Dose Solutions to Differentiate Your Brand

Functional Benefits

  • Water & preservative-free - due to the sealing process, capsules do not require addition of preservatives, allowing higher purity of fill formula, products are always a concentrate of active ingredients - minimum volume and minimum weight for maximum results
  • Easy to use - the pre-dosed presentation results in a practical, portable, and convenient capsule, containing exactly the needed quantity of product to achieve the expected results, avoiding the risk of potential irritation due to over-dosage
  • Tamper evident - capsules are impossible to manipulate without evidence of tampering

Marketing Benefits

  • Product differentiation
  • Customization of capsules provide endless innovative and superior possibilities for building a strong brand identity by meeting today’s unit-dose trend
  • Novel dosage form and technologically advanced appearance
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • No hassle, portable, spill-proof, and airline friendly form without any carry-on restrictions
Softgel Technology

We are the originator of the rotary die encapsulation technology that was invented by RP Scherer in 1933. Today, Catalent continues to be a pioneer in the softgel industry. Through extensive experience and efficient and creative solutions for the health and beauty industry, Catalent is able to offer from the most fashionable bath bead applications to highly advanced and sophisticated cosmeceuticals. Our areas of expertise include retinol encapsulation and Vitamin C encapsulation among others,

Vegicaps® Capsules

Our most recent breakthrough, the patented Vegicaps® capsule encapsulation technology is 100 percent animal-free and provides unique features and exclusive competitive advantages:

  • Capsule shell made of a unique composition of carrageenan (extracted from red seaweed), corn starch, disodium phosphate, and vegetal glycerol
  • Suggests a more natural/botanical brand image, which is of great importance to many of today’s consumers
  • Odor-free, essential for fine fragrances and skin care products including skincare beads
  • Excellent twistability of capsule neck even when environmental modifications occur
  • Improved temperature resistance. Stable to 40° Celsius
  • No sticking or softening after significant temperature variations