Clinical ESolutions & Informatics

Efficient management of your entire clinical supply chain

Catalent Clinical Supply Services develops, markets, and supports industry leading, mission-critical information systems that enable you to manage your entire clinical supply chain.  You can be reassured that we have the best-in-class systems, people and service to help you better manage your clinical supply chain.    

Our Systems

In this advanced age of information management, clients want access to their project status at the push of a button.  At Catalent we recognize this need and set about creating easy to operate, highly secure, project information systems to provide our clients with the answers to their questions 24/7, accessible from anywhere in the world.  Our premier systems include:

Catalent Fusion

Catalent Fusion is a secure web-based, fully collaborative platform delivering fast, accurate clinical supply chain data, keeping clients informed and up to date.  Advances in on-line reporting techniques enable end-users direct access to the information they require allowing up to the minute data to be shared online.  Inventory and shipment tracking for one or more studies means Sponsors, Clinical Research Organizations and investigators can check shipment and kit levels at the touch of a button.

An integral part of Catalent’s web based Fusion system, namely fusionDocsT M , provides full collaboration services for clients, Clinical Research Organisations and Catalent’s own Project Management team to help manage clinical studies more effectively by the use of secure on-line document sharing, including editing, calendars, wiki’s and other such collaborative tools.

Coupled with this, fusionInSiteTM , Catalent’s online clinical dashboard and reporting tool offers further value, providing users with an extended oversight of inventory and shipment tracking activity across Catalent and the entire depot network. In a few clicks, data can easily be viewed or extracted across multiple protocols, sites and the 38+ depots that support the Catalent clinical supply chain.  As the complexity of clinical trials continues to increase, accurate tracking is imperative, ensuring the right level of clinical materials (right product, in the right place, at the right time) is always available to prevent stock-outs. fusionInSiteTM ensures its users have this information to hand 24/7 allowing for critical decisions to be made quickly and accurately.


  • Secure, robust web based solution accessible internally and externally.
  • Online collaboration capabilities
  • Dashboard overview of clients clinical inventory and shipment tracking
  • Real-time reports on finished kit inventories across sites and studies
  • Data updated throughout the day from key operational systems
  • Track shipments in system for all major couriers
  • Blinding/Un-blinding capabilities, per study, per user
  • Export to CSV, XLS, XML, and more
  • Available 24/7