Manufacturing And Blinding

Manufacturing & Blinding Overview

Clinical manufacturing on your timeline, with automated cGMP lab facilities

Covering virtually all dosage forms, we provide a comprehensive, full-service, and vertically integrated operation for clinical trial materials preparation in support of Phase I through Phase IV studies. Our contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services are cGMP compliant and include established clinical trial material and material management SOPs with QA oversight. In short, it meets your every clinical manufacturing need.

As one of the most respected contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services in the clinical trial phase of development, our clinical manufacturing team is able to adapt quickly to your needs. You can also count on us for your nutraceutical manufacturing. Whatever your project, Catalent will provide innovative, customized solutions in:

  • Technology transfer
  • Over-encapsulation
  • A wide range of analytical and testing services in tandem with packaging

Timely Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our blinded studies are state of the art, with numerous benefits for clinical manufacturing and nutraceutical manufacturing:

  • Cutting-edge technology: blinding of oral solid dosage forms into hard gelatin 
  • Versatility: over-encapsulation is suitable for a huge variety of oral solid dosage forms
  • Efficiency: blinding of all visible aspects achieved in one step
  • Creativity: several combinations possible
  • Reliability: sufficient dissolution with proper selection of backfill material
  • Cost-effective: large quantities manufactured in short production time due to fully automatic process
  • cGMP lab: get the quality you need
Catalent Capabilities

Our clinical manufacturing professionals employ innovative solutions and proven processes to ensure that your timelines are achieved. All in a cGMP lab for total peace of mind:

  • Global procurement and deblistering of comparator drug products
  • Fully automated over-encapsulation of tablets, capsules, pellets, and other solid dosage forms in various combinations
  • Multi-product over-encapsulation 
  • Blending and granulation capabilities 
  • High-speed active and placebo capsule manufacturing
  • Nutraceutical manufacturing 
  • 100% check weighing of all capsules 
  • Customized fills
  • Microbiological testing, release testing, and stability testing 
  • Tablet manufacturing, including matching placebo tablets
  • Over 25 secondary packaging suites
How it Works

With clinical storage and distribution networks around the world - including over 50 audited depots - our capacity enables us to adapt to and handle all your international compliance and logistics needs, ultimately reducing your turnaround time.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • Bolton, England
  • Schorndorf, Germany
  • Shanghai, China
  • Kakegawa, Japan
  • Singapore