Tablets & Capsules

Tablets, Capsules, Beads, Pellet and Granules

Catalent is a leading global provider of the broadest range of solid oral dose forms from clinical development through to full commercial manufacture. We supply tablets, capsules, beads, pellet and granules in a wide variety of immediate release and controlled release profiles:

  • Tablets
    • Matrix tablets
    • Osmotic tablets
    • Bi-layer tablets
    • Coated tablets
    • Orally disintegrating tablets
    • Effervescent tablets
    • Lozenges
  • Capsules
    • IR powder in a capsules
    • API in a capsule (Xcelodose ® )
    • Tablets in capsules
  • Beads, pellet and granules
    • Controlled release beads
      • Including multi-particulate
    • Coated pellets/beads
      • High-potency pellets
      • Drug-layered spheres
      • Taste masking technologies
    • Stick pack sachets 
Process Technologies

Catalent has a full range of solid oral dose process technologies and as the innovator of coated multi-particulate products through fluid bed granulation we have particular expertise in the most complex controlled release dose forms including:

  • Wet granulation
    • Wet granulation
    • Fluid bed technology
    • High-shear granulation
    • Low-shear granulation
  • Dry granulation
    • Roller compaction
    • Slugging
  • Extrusion and spheronization
  • Spray Drying
  • Hot melt extrusion
  • Milling
  • Sieving and Blending
Special Handling Capabilities

In addition to our extensive general capabilities we also offer specific handling of controlled and highly potent products and solvent based processing.

  • Controlled Substances
    • Procurement, storage, testing, and processing of DEA Schedules II – V
    • Significant experience processing controlled release morphine analogs and amphetamines
    • 24/7 security with video surveillance of processing rooms
    • Substantial narcotics vault
  • Highly Potent Compounds
  • Solvent Processing


Our solid oral dose capabilities are located in 5 sites in the US and Europe:

  • US
    • Kansas City, MO
    • Somerset, NJ
    • Winchester, KY
    • San Diego, CA
  • Europe
    • Schorndorf, Germany
    • Swindon, UK
    • Nottingham, UK