Comparing HPLC And UPLC Methods For The Determination Of Related Compounds In A Compendial Adrenaline Injection Product

Authors: Nicolas Thurin, Philippe Debontridder and Anil Bombaerts

Summary: Adrenaline injection is mainly used to treat allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and cardiac resuscitation. The currently used HPLC method for the determination of related compounds in adrenaline injection (resulting both from adrenaline degradation and from manufacturing process) was not efficient in regard to the resolution of one critical impurity, the adrenaline sulfonate). The British Pharmacopoeia HPLC method is validated only for the determination of noradrenaline. This project was aimed to develop and fully validate an UPLC method, which was believed superior in separation and performance than the BP HPLC method.

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