OptiMeltâ„¢ Hot Melt Extrusion Technology To Improve Bioavailability Of Poorly Soluble Drugs

Summary: Hot melt extrusion (HME) is a technology that is gaining interest in the pharmaceutical industry as a novel technique to generate physically stable and processable amorphous forms of APIs. Relative to crystalline APIs, amorphous solid dispersions improve bioavailability in more than 80% of cases, thus enhancing R&D productivity and enabling effective drug development. The mechanism of HME is to disperse APIs in the polymer matrix at the molecular level to form solid dispersions or solid solutions. The main driver of increased use of HME technology in the pharmaceutical industry is its capability of continuous manufacturing with solvent-less processing and the versatility of the downstream processing of extrudates into final dosage forms (tablets, capsules, controlled release forms, stick packs etc).

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