Patient Experiences With Clinical Trial Materials

Author: ISPE Patient Survey Project Team

Abstract: In the future ISPE sees the supply of clinical materials becoming a two-way street, with information flowing upstream from the patients and sites to drive the downstream flow of user-focused products and services. In an important first step, ISPE—working with and through the professionals leading its Investigational Products Community of Practice (IP CoP)—decided in 2012 to create the first-ever survey investigating patient experiences with clinical trial materials.  The goals of the project were:

  • Increased understanding of patient experience with Investigational Products.
  • Understanding the impact of key patient differentiators.
  • Providing a data set that impacts decisions, opens new areas of inquiry, and generates practice implications.
  • Increasing collaboration between global regulatory bodies, companies engaged in the Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) sector and facilitator organizations.