Selecting The Right Technology For Poorly Soluble Compounds

Selecting the Right Enabling Technology for Poorly Soluble Compounds

Author: Irena McGuffy, Manager, R&D Formulations, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Summary: This presentation focuses on strategies for improved oral delivery for poorly soluble and permeable drugs. The strategies that will be covered include particle engineering, hot melt extrusion, nano structures, lipid-based delivery systems (softgels and VegicapĀ® Capsules) and modified/targeted delivery options such as film coated dosage forms. The discussion will cover approaches to selection of the drug delivery technology, advantages of and challenges associated with each drug delivery option, as well as commercial availability and speed to market.

  • Key presentation take-away messages include:
    • Selection of appropriate delivery option
    • Achieving and maintaining enhanced solubilization of poorly soluble drugs
    • Achieving enhanced bioavailability of poorly soluble and permeable drugs
    • Selecting commercially available drug delivery technologies for successful and timely product scale up and launch