Advances In B/f/s

Advances in Aseptic B/F/S Processing of Pharmaceutical Liquids

Author, Chuck Reed, B.Sc/MS, Weiler Engineering, Inc., Editor, Contract Pharma Magazine

Summary: Aseptic blow-fill-seal (B/F/S) systems for the processing of pharmaceutical liquids have experienced rapid and growing acceptance by the pharmaceutical industry during the past 20 years. This has been accelerated by enhancements made to aseptic B/F/S processes based on pharmaceutical industry input and in order to accommodate the requirements of regulatory agencies. These enhancements were designed to improve product integrity and help ensure patient safety. As a result, the FDA and the United States Pharmacopoeia now characterize modern B/F/S technology as an “advanced aseptic process,” indicating its use as a preferred technology over other aseptic systems.

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