Bioavailability Enhancement

Softgel Technology as a Lipid-Based Delivery Tool for Bioavailability Enhancement

Author: Irena McGuffy, RPh, MS Group Leader, Softgel Formulation, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Summary: This powerpoint presentation created by Catalent formulation expert Irena McGuffy focuses on strategies for oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs including: the use of self-emulsifying microemulsions and nanoemulsions; the role digestion plays in development of lipid-based delivery systems; modified release softgels and VegicapsĀ® capsules with matrix fills to extend drug release allowing for lower Cmax and reduced side effects associated with spikes in blood concentration; and film-coated capsules for controlling drug release and targeting delivery. Key presentation take-away messages include achieving and maintaining increased solubilization of poorly soluble drugs, affecting membrane permeation, and current and future approaches utilizing softgel technology.