Gelatin-free Capsules: Investigation

Gelatin-Free Capsules: Investigation into the Disintegration and Dissolution Properties of Novel, Polysaccharide-Shell Softgels

Author: Author: Norman Stroud, Ph.D., Director, Vegicaps Technical Development

To investigate the disintegration and dissolution characteristics of novel, polysaccharidebased shell softgels filled with suspension and solution, nutritional or pharmaceutical fill
formulations.Gelatin has been the ingredient, of choice, for many years as an encapsulating material for pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Its success as a shell-forming polymer is attested by the wide range and number of soft and hard shell capsule products that have been, and continue to be, manufactured all around the world. However, in the last 9-12 years, polysaccharide-based shell-forming polymers have gained acceptance as viable alternatives to gelatin.