Separate Derivatized Protein In Serum

A Novel High-Throughput Method for the Separation of a Derivatized Protein from Its Unmodified Form in Serum

Authors: Joseph J. Lundquist, PhD and Ana T. Menendez, PhD, Catalent

ADME characteristics of a therapeutic can often be altered by adding a different chemical group; for example, derivations of proteins have been proven to extend their half-life. Methods for quantifying the modified therapeutic separately from the unmodified are often needed in preclinical and clinical. Antibodies are either commercially available or can be developed for many of the modifications that are used for larger therapeutics. This poster describes the validation of a method to separate free un-derivatized protein Z (uTPZ) from derivatized protein TPZ in 3 different species (cynomolous monkey, human, and Sprague Dawley rat) to allow analysis of uTPZ.