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RP Scherer Softgel Technology for Superior Drug Delivery

Summary: As innovators of softgel technology, Catalent RP Scherer softgel brings more than 75 years of development expertise and manufacturing experience to the full spectrum of drug delivery. Softgel drug delivery overcomes complex formulation and development challenges, improves solubility and increases bioavailability. Our broad clinical knowledge and deep regulatory experience provide you with an opportunity to shorten development time and reduce regulatory risk.

With the ever-increasing demand for drug development solutions in today’s market, our global manufacturing facilities and team of over 1,000 expert scientists can provide a catalyst to your success.

Provide better treatments and bring compounds to market faster using a proven dosage form, with an unparalleled track record of commercial success. Whether you require a traditional softgel capsule, enhanced technology for chewable and enteric-coated capsules, or our innovative, OptiShell™ capsules, we’ll improve solubility and optimize performance.