RP Scherer Softgel Delivery Technology

Improve bioavailability, maximize treatments and deliver complex compounds to market faster

Softgel technology to improve solubility.

As innovators of softgel technology, Catalent RP Scherer softgel brings more than 80 years of development expertise and manufacturing experience to the full spectrum of drug delivery. Softgel drug delivery overcomes complex formulation and development challenges, improves solubility and increases bioavailability. Our broad clinical knowledge and deep regulatory experience provides you with an opportunity to shorten development time and reduce regulatory risk.

With the ever-increasing demand for drug development solutions in today’s market, our global manufacturing facilities and team of over 1,000 expert scientists can provide a catalyst to your success.

Provide better treatments and bring compounds to market faster using a proven dosage form, with an unparalleled track record of commercial success. Whether you require a traditional softgel capsule, enhanced technology for oral macromolecule delivery with enteric-coated softgel capsules, or our award-winning OptiShell™ technology with semisolid formulation, we’ll improve solubility and optimize performance.

Improve Bioavailability with RP Scherer Softgel 

Softgel drug delivery technology has numerous pharmacological advantages that can help bring challenging compounds to market faster.

  • Improve bioavailability of poorly water-soluble and poorly permeable compounds
  • Improve solubility for BCS (Biopharmaceutical Classification system) II/IV compounds
  • Improve solubility and permeability for BCS III/IV compounds
  • Get specialized handling and manufacturing for your hormones, cytotoxics, potent and difficult APIs
  • Enhance dose uniformity of potent compounds and minimize patient-to-patient variability 
  • Reduce your development time and benefit from a proven dosage form with proven commercial success
  • Differentiate your brand with various color, shape, and size options and protect your product from counterfeiting and tampering
  • Reconsider your product life cycle management by generating a faster onset of action, reducing API dose, minimizing side effects, and improving your overall treatment performance.
Valuable Product Differentiation

We offer industry-leading softgel technology solutions that can be uniquely customized for a variety of markets: 

  • A complete range of delivery solutions to improve solubility and the overall value of your treatments
  • Unlimited shapes, sizes, and colors to differentiate your product
    • Ovals, rounds, oblongs
    • Capsule sizes and volumes customized with your tailored specifications
  • In-line printing that provides protection from brand counterfeiting
Catalent RP Scherer Softgel Services
  • Formulation expertise for complex API or processing requirements 
  • Integrated systemization from formulation to development to commercial manufacturing 
  • Global regulatory and validation expertise
Catalent RP Scherer Softgel Facilities

Our deep formulation expertise supported by a global infrastructure of cGMP, FDA, EMA, and locally accredited softgel facilities will provide a catalyst to your success by tailoring a unique drug delivery solution to bring your product faster to market.