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Oral Macromolecule Delivery

Today, most macromolecules are delivered in traditional invasive injectable formats, which often results in poor patient compliance and are therefore not the most suitable route for long-term treatment. Although oral delivery remains the preferred route for developers of new therapies, it poses a variety of development challenges to formulation scientists, for example:

  • Poor absorption due to rigid molecular geometry and flexibility
  • Permeation limitations caused by tight cell junctions and limited transcellular pathways
  • Low stability, because of proteolytic enzymes of the stomach and lumen, as well as harsh acidic gastric conditions

Catalent OptiGel® Bio technology incorporates a proprietary technology that may overcome the traditional hurdles by enhancing permeability and enabling a targeted delivery through enteric coating.

Our industry leading Zydis® ODT technology enables fast dissolve formulations of large molecule allergens, viral vaccines, and peptides via sub-lingual delivery.