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Proven Expertise
Versatile Delivery
Seamless Scale-Up


DEEP EXPERTISE: Catalent’s broad expertise and superior technologies have helped move thousands of molecules from the early stages of development through to commercialization. With over 85 years of experience in formulation development and technology selection, Catalent will partner with you to select the best technology for your molecule.

VERSATILE DELIVERY: Catalent has worked with thousands of molecules with different delivery profiles and accelerated timelines. With a wide range of oral delivery technologies, we can help advance your molecule to the next phase of development faster. We provide fast, flexible and seamless transition from early to late phase during the development process, on to commercialization, to meet your needs in fast track programs.

RIGHT SCALE: Catalent offers a variety of equipment scales to meet your project’s needs, from large volume blockbusters to small-batch orphan drugs.