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OneXpress® Solution

Phase Appropriate Technology and Expertise from Development to Commercialization to help you get to market faster – Reduce Project Timelines by 12 weeks*!

OneXpress is a single integrated solution that provides the fastest pathway from clinical development to commercial manufacturing. By taking a proactive approach and assessing production considerations early in development, our teams help you reduce risk by working in parallel to address potential roadblocks and ensure robust processes from clinical to launch.

OneXpress requires only one transition point on the path from development to commercialization removing the challenges that are often faced when working with multiple providers.

CHART 1. Eliminate the need to cycle through providers, save time with a partner that has capabilities to support development from early to late states

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Accelerated Timelines
Save time with parallel processing of project plans, batch records, equipment, materials, validation testing, and approvals. By removing the need to duplicate steps there is the opportunity to accelerate the timeline of your project, by as much as 12 weeks*.

Reduce Program Risks
Thorough internal processes and the omission of multiple handoffs among different vendors between project phases reduce overall program risk. Complete data history and project knowledge is retained within our network limiting distribution and potential of lost or incomplete information.

Simplified Program Management
The OneXpress dedicated program manager provides you with a single, direct point of contact throughout the life of your program. Streamlined communication and administrative processes such as contracts, trainings, and payment add simplicity to vendor management responsibilities.

Cost Savings
The harmonization of systems and equipment within the Catalent network eliminates the need for requalification and testing traditionally needed for tech transfers. By avoiding duplicated processes costly API is conserved and potential roadblocks are caught and amended early in your program instead of facing expensive corrections later.

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Catalent’s new OneXpress® integrated and tailored solution combines phase-appropriate scale and technologies, unparalleled manufacturing expertise across diverse dose forms with an extensive supply network to help speed your science into a successful product launch, faster.

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As a leader in drug development with a successful track record of optimizing thousands of molecules, our deep expertise and broad set of technologies help you accelerate to the next phase of development faster. Explore our complete early-phase development capabilities:

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Catalent’s proven expertise in successful tech transfers and new production launches can help you  reaching new markets, and  providing reliable commercial scale manufacturing. Our flexible approach with customizable suites can accelerate the scale-up and tech transfer process through to commercial manufacturing.  Discover more on our late-phase capabilities including:

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The OneXpress solution builds on Catalent’s extensive expertise and integrated offerings in accelerating the scale up of promising compounds into success treatments including, OptiForm® Solution Suite, and OptiForm™ Total Supply.

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Download our recent webinars to learn more about how features of the OneXpress Solution can help reduce risk, accelerate timelines and maximize utilization of resources across a global network.

Learn more by viewing:

*varies by project