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FlexDoseSM Services - Stick Pack Development And Supply


Stick packs are the ideal packaging solution for a wide range of powder, granule, liquid and gel formulations*. They provide a convenient, portable unit-dose solution for prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, as well as nutritional supplements. Stick pack formulations also offer an innovative, hygienic way to extend tablet and capsule product lines.

With a decade of experience in developing, manufacturing and packaging stick pack products, Catalent is your ideal full-service partner for your product’s success at every stage – from preformulation to development to packaged dosage form.

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Differentiate your product and give your customers what they may be looking for. FlexDoseSM solutions can offer many advantages when compared to other oral dosage forms:

  • Flexibility – FlexDose solutions has an extensive range of different stick pack dimensions and formulation options to support your own custom design.
  • Improved Patient Experience – FlexDose solutions can offer a unique, patient centric solution with innovative packaging and a comprehensive range of formulation, including modified and extended release.
    • Convenient – compact, easy to carry and easy to swallow
    • Versatile – options for formulating high doses of actives, including different API combinations, modified release mechanisms, taste-masking technologies and mouth-feel improvements
    • Compliance – a great unit dose solution for powders, granules, and other formulations
    • Uniform dosing – a measured unit dose in every stick pack
    • Child-resistant – stick pack formats can be offered with a child-resistant feature
    • Customizable – stick packs can be designed to suit your specific requirements, promote your branding and enhance shelf appeal
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Foil capabilities:

  • Paper layered foil
  • Aluminum foils
  • PE foils
  • Desiccant foils
  • Needled Foils
  • Laser perforated foils
  • Special layered foils

Dosing capabilities:

  • Dosing of powders and granules
    • Chamber dosing
    • Auger dosing
    • Bi-dosing
  • Special dosing solutions
    • Liquid dosing*
    • Dosing solutions for multiparticulates (e.g. mini tablets, pellets etc.)

Opening features:

  • Fancy cut
  • Child resistant/senior friendly via laser perforation
  • Individual opening feature solutions
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Fosrenol® is marketed by Shire Pharmaceuticals as chewable tablets. Tablet strengths of 500mg, 750 mg and 1000 mg resulting in large tablets. Due to the API characteristics the “chewing experience” can be sub-optimal. The daily dose is 1500 – 3000mg representing 2 – 4 tablets per day.

FlexDose℠ Solutions has enabled Catalent to develop and produce a stick pack formulation that addresses the disadvantages of the chewable tablet and adds additional benefits:

  • No chewing necessary
  • Several ways of delivery possible; liquid or soft/solid foods
  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Hygienic single dose unit

Fosrenol® stick packs are successfully launched globally.

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Catalent’s experienced oral technologies team offers a comprehensive range of services and dedicated support throughout the entire product life cycle – from preformulation through development, manufacturing and packaging.

Development Services

  • Formulation Development
    • Development of Stick Pack Formulations (e.g. IR and CR Stick Pack Formulations for granules, mini tablets, pellets etc.)
    • Re-formulation
    • Taste Masking
    • Line Extensions and Lifecycle Management
  • Packaging Development
    • Primary and secondary packaging solutions
    • Packaging process optimization

Further Services

  • Dedicated stick pack development lines
  • Packaging under reduced humidity (20/20)
  • Serialization
  • Clinical Services (blinding, packaging, labeling, distribution)
  • Analytical Services

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Our three oral stick pack facilities have strong track records for both quality and regulatory compliance.

Fosrenol® is a registered trademark of Shire Pharmaceuticals.

*Stirring and filling only, liquids must be preserved.