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RP Scherer Softgel Technology


As the CDMO innovator of softgel technologies, Catalent RP Scherer softgel brings more than 80 years of development expertise and manufacturing experience to the full spectrum of lipid-based drug delivery. Softgel technology is proven to enhance bioavailability for poorly soluble molecules. It offers numerous advantages that can help bring your challenging compounds to market faster.

  • Enhance the bioavailability of your poorly water-soluble (BCS II and IV) compounds
  • Improve dose uniformity of your potent compounds and minimize patient-to-patient variability
  • Generate faster onset of action, reducing API dose, minimizing side effects, and improving your overall treatment performance
  • Reduce development time through a proven dosage form with a strong track record of commercial success
  • Get specialized handling and manufacturing for your hormones, cytotoxics, potent and difficult APIs
  • Differentiate your brand with various color, shape, size and printing options and protect your product from counterfeiting and tampering
  • Reconsider your product life cycle management by generating a faster onset of action, reducing API dose, minimizing side effects, and improving your overall treatment performance.

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  • Pre-formulation and feasibility studies
  • Solubility screening of NCEs
  • Softgel capsule fill formulation development
  • Small-scale lab encapsulation for providing early stability data and final formulation selection
  • Shell development
  • Extensive technical support in capsule product development
  • Reliable supply from clinical phases to commercial manufacturing
  • Contingency planning and quality assurance via our biggest global network

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It is important to work with a high quality, reputable industry partner that has the experience and knowledge to help design an optimal softgel formulation, based on the specific physicochemical properties of your API.  Additionally, it is advantageous to use the same partner for scale-up and commercial manufacturing with simplified process.

As the global leader of softgel technology, Catalent:

  • Supported 50+ New Drug Applications for Rx and OTC drugs in the last four decades
  • Is the largest softgel manufacturer in the world, with 200+ products on the market in 80+ countries, 4 times larger than the closest competitor

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Our deep formulation expertise supported by a global infrastructure of cGMP, FDA, EMA, and locally accredited softgel facilities provide a catalyst to your success, by tailoring the drug delivery solutions to bring your product faster to market.

Aprilia, Italy
Beinheim, France
Cham, Switzerland
Eberbach, Germany
Kakegawa, Japan
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Indaiatuba, Brazil
Montevideo, Uruguay
Sorocaba, Brazil
St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
Windsor, Ontario, Canada