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Beinheim, France

Our Beinheim, France facility houses softgel development and manufacturing operations with capacity of 2.5 billion softgel capsules per year.  Its featured OptiGel™ Bio technology enables the potential oral delivery of macromolecule therapies. It incorporates enteric coating and permeation enhancers to first deliver active macromolecules to the absorption site and then secondly to pass through the absorption site to enter circulation.  Within the Catalent network, we offer a broad range of integrated formulation and analytical services to solve your most difficult development and manufacturing challenges.

Size: 78,100 ft2



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74, Rue Principale, F-67930
Beinheim, France


+33 3 88 63 31 31


+33 3 88 86 24 28


  • Formulation Development and Manufacturing services for:
    • Controlled Substances
    • Highly Potent Compounds
    • Hormones
  • Rx and OTC Softgel development and manufacturing
  • Softgel and tablet coating services
Title Address Description
Beinheim, France Location
74 Rue Principale, 67930 Beinheim, France


  • EMA Approved
  • FDA Approved
  • ANSM
  • CFDA (China)
  • MOH (Saudi Arabia)


Reach out to one of our experts to discuss any of our offerings or a specific solution for your project challenges.


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Catalent Beinheim is committed to gender equality, the site scored 93/100 on equity of treatment between men and women index, according to French laws.

Conformément au décret n° 2019-15 du 8 janvier 2019 l’index égalité professionnel est, pour le site de Beinheim (67) : 93