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Kansas City, USA

Catalent’s Kansas City facility is home to our Oral & Specialty Drug Delivery, Biologics Analytical Services and Clinical Supply Services businesses.  The site provides a range of integrated services for oral solid dosage forms, from formulation development and analytical testing to clinical and commercial-scale manufacture.  The facility is the commercial manufacturing Center-of-Excellence for accelerated development programs and roller compaction.

The Kansas City facility is also a Center-of-Excellence for our Biologics Analytical Services business. Our large molecule analytical team has over 25 years of experience providing broad-based and orthogonal analytical CMC services for stand-alone and integrated biologics projects.  We provide support for drug substance, drug product, and intermediates for both innovator and biosimilar/biobetter products.

Our facility also offers comprehensive clinical packaging services including clinical supply management, package engineering, clinical manufacturing, primary and secondary packaging, global distribution and logistics, and return/destruction services. The facility features an isolated potent suite and DEA Schedule I-V controlled drug storage to handle even your most challenging products.

Size: 421,665 ft2



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10245 Hickman Mills Drive
PO Box 9724
Kansas City, MO 64134-9724


+1 816 767-6000


+1 816 767-3950



  • OptiPact™ Roller Compaction Technology
  • Xceledose™ Precision Dispensing
  • AutoDose Powdernium™ Precision Dispensing
Title Address Description
Kansas City, MO Location
10245 Hickman Mills Dr, Kansas City, MO 64137, USA


  • FDA
  • MHRA
  • DEA
  • Turkish MOH
  • Kazakhstan MOG


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