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Why Catalent for Emerging Biotech?


Successful new treatments are built on biopharmaceutical science and the art of building a successful new biotech able to bring them to patients.

Hiring the right talent and securing the right mix of clinical, development, and manufacturing partners is vital to hitting all the milestones along the way.

Through our broad capabilities and vast experience of working with hundreds of emerging biotechs, we will tailor solutions that accelerate your timelines, from pre-clinical and first-in-human studies to developing CMC strategies to seamlessly scaling for a successful launch.

Catalent can be your one development and manufacturing partner, helping to simplify and de-risk your program with integrated solutions, deepest development expertise, broadest portfolio of drug delivery technologies and manufacturing platforms across modalities.

Let’s accelerate together!


Advice and strategies to build a better company and launch a successful treatment.


Proven solutions to help accelerate, simplify and de-risk the achievement of critical milestones.

Comparator Drug Sourcing Solutions – Catalent’s Network Effects

Summary: A well-known, mid-size, multi-national pharmaceutical company needed a large supply of comparator drug, in order to begin comparative clinical trials for a rare disease. In addition to quantity, the comparator drug must have an expiry-term long enough for the client to complete the multi-year clinical trials…

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Planning for Successful Product Launches

With increased focus and efforts on developing treatments for diseases with smaller patient populations, diseases for which there are no currently approved treatments, and diseases that have historically not prioritized by the pharma industry. Accelerating the approval process offers significant benefits, but the reduced timelines can create significant challenges.

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Biopharma Manufacturing Trends

As pharma companies look more and more to biologics for their next potential blockbusters, they must face the challenges surrounding these products’ scientific complexity and sophisticated development.

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