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Why Catalent for Emerging Biotech?


Successful new treatments are built on biopharmaceutical science and the art of building a successful new biotech able to bring them to patients.

Hiring the right talent and securing the right mix of clinical, development, and manufacturing partners is vital to hitting all the milestones along the way.

Through our broad capabilities and vast experience of working with hundreds of emerging biotechs, we will tailor solutions that accelerate your timelines, from pre-clinical and first-in-human studies to developing CMC strategies to seamlessly scaling for a successful launch.

Catalent can be your one development and manufacturing partner, helping to simplify and de-risk your program with integrated solutions, deepest development expertise, broadest portfolio of drug delivery technologies and manufacturing platforms across modalities.

Let’s accelerate together!


Advice and strategies to build a better company and launch a successful treatment.


Proven solutions to help accelerate, simplify and de-risk the achievement of critical milestones.


At Catalent we recognize and support the consultant’s role in biotech. Helping our partners to stay in tune with advancements, we are here to assist with strong scientific advice from industry experts to help overcome the biggest challenges. View our resources for developing partners.


View our resources for developing partners.

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